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Hi everyone. In recent years I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and Hypermobility syndrome. Along with that I have been experiencing chronic pain constantly, chronic fatigue and complete exhaustion. I have not addressed a GP since my diagnosis and have been trying to manage with self-medication. I am raising a young family on my own (3 children - 4, 9, 13) and I am reaching a point where I am really struggling to cope. (I also work 2 days a week in a school) How is best to re-raise this issue with the GP to ensure I am understood? The last time I went, it was said, in a roundabout way 'There's no cure, you have to manage the pain with over the counter medication' - So I've not really addressed this since thinking that there's not much that can be done. I wake up in pain, I go to bed in pain. I drag myself through the day always feeling ridiculously tired. My bloods came back fine so I feel really at a loss! Any advice or support hugely appreciated! ❤️

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      Try to find a better GP. I have OA and take cocodamol and ibuprofen as needed and they help a bit. I'm terrified of what will happen when the pain gets worse and I won't be able to get anything stronger to help manage it. I think medical marijuana is worth a try,but it's really expensive. I suspect I also some kind of genetic disorder that causes the OA and other health issues. I was diagnosed at 21 with OA. I don't think it's possible for someone's joints to get worn out at such a young age without some kind of underlying health issue. How did you get a diagnosis for your hypermobility syndrome?

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