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How did you talk to your psychiatrist in order to get a diagnosis and medication for adhd

    • cardcat


      when i was diagnosed it came out of nowhere, i didn’t think i had ADHD and we never talked about it previously, i just kind of was myself and one day she just dropped the diagnosis on me

    • Aliek


      once you figure it out let me know 😭 genuinely considering both Dr shopping until I'm taken seriously and showing them my actual diagnosis log printed out and statistics on unmedicated ADHD and poor life outcomes because im sick of being ignored and shrugged off. all I can say is ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF. you deserve to be listened to, it is *your life*. but also try not to seem desperate. go in and ask about ADHD testing. describe your symptoms in detail (I'd write them down so you don't forget them bc my adhd makes me forget just about everything I'm not focusing on lol). get the test done thru a psychologist that works for the same office as your psych, and go through that psychiatrist to get medication.

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Some individuals have suggested not mentioning medication initially, but instead focusing on the symptoms and concerns you're experiencing. Wait until your doctor or psychiatrist brings up the topic of medication. When they do, ask questions about potential side effects and the possibility of switching medications if the first ones don't work out. This shows that you have legitimate concerns and aren't just seeking medication. Others have mentioned bringing up the possibility of having a developmental disorder like ADHD and expressing interest in being tested. Once diagnosed, it's usually easier to discuss medication options.

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