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Does anyone with pcos have insilin resistance. I was diagnosed with pcos about four years ago and have been dealing with that really well. in the past I would faint and nobody knew why we assumed it was because I was anemic but I started fainting again and this time I am not anemic. The last time I fainted we checked my hemoglobin and it was in the seventies. this is why my doctors now belive insilin resistance is the cause. Which is also seen a lot with pcos patients. If anyone has had anything like this happen or any ideas to help with my fainting I love to bring ideas to my doctor rather then just ask for their opinion. Also if anyone really understands what insilin resistance is im still researching it because I do not one hundred percent understand it. Thankyou to all

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      Hello. I'm new here, I just saw this post. I have PCOS and insulin resistance. When my blood sugar is not right, I experience all kinds of symptoms, including dizziness, and I have fainted. My endocrinologist gave me a glucose monitor to test when I am having difficulty. It helped me notice what makes things go awry. If it's high, walking and water help. Mine is often low, I eat something and drink water. My endocrinologist explained IR to me in a very simple way, but it gave me a good start. The pancreas does it's job, it makes the insulin. The rest of the body ignores the pancreas, and the pancreas thinks it needs to make more insulin. That causes fluctuations and symptoms. That is one big difference between IR and diabetes. It can progress to diabetes, but with diabetes, the pancreas has trouble making insulin. That's a very basic starting point that helped me learn more.

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One of the replies mentioned that they have been dealing with insulin resistance as part of their PCOS and found that fasting has helped. Another person shared that they were put on metformin to help with insulin resistance, but initially felt horrible due to the dosage. They suggested starting out on a lower dose and gradually working it up. Exercise and healthy eating were also recommended by another user to manage insulin resistance.

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