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has anyone ever been diagnosed with bPD and feels misdiagnosed. I feel like I have adhd symptoms the more I look into it

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    • minime273


      ASD and ADHD can both look like BPD at times, especially because of rejection-sensitive dysphoria as an ADHD or autistic trait!

    • minime273


      ASD and ADHD can both look like BPD at times, especially because of rejection-sensitive dysphoria as an ADHD or autistic trait!

    • Mkatherine15


      There was a study done once that showed a genetic link between mothers with BPD giving birth to children who are eventually diagnosed with ADHD. Both of my parents have BPD, I have ADHD and ASD and PTSD. The emotional dysregulation can be very similar. A past ADHD specialist I used to see once told me that he believes pretty much every diagnosed with BPD likely has ADHD as well, but not everyone with ADHD has BPD. The study I saw had a decently small sample pool I think, but it was like 54% of the kids who had a mom with BPD ended up diagnosed with ADHD. It was interesting. There are definitely a decent amount of similarities between ADHD and BPD.

    • Jedikah


      I personally thought That I had adhd, but found out that I am bipolar, leaning towards BPD. Trying to see if the medication works first before they will give me that DX.

    • mamauwu


      I was diagnosed with Bipolar when I was 12, but I'm learning now that I'm pretty sure that was a misdiagnosis, and it's actually a combination of Autism, ADHD, and C-PTSD. I've seen in online groups that this is pretty common.

    • Chibi


      I believe there is more to it than that. Having ADHD or other neurdivergencies in a world that doesn't fully understand or accept them is trauma. Trauma in childhood especially can cause BPD as well as PTSD and C-PTSD. In fact, it is thought that PTSD and BPD may just be different forms of the same condition, in part due to the fact that people often have both.

    • Tinnie


      Apparently untreated ADHD turns into BPD!

    • Roseart


      I was diagnosed bipolar and it5 never felt right recently changed to bpd and I feel like I'm starting to understand the way I am. Don't. Be. Afraid to say you think you have a misdiagnosis

    • KatieGB


      Yup I feel I don't meet the diagnostic and my best guess would be depression or some other personality disorder. I've spoken to my cpn and consultant and they're not even open to the idea at all. So frustrating!

    • CatherineDerry


      You could have both. Having one diagnosis doesn't mean you can't have another.

    • Abi81


      I'm the reverse. I've been diagnosed with ADHD but I think it's BPD

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"Yes, there are individuals who have been diagnosed with BPD and feel misdiagnosed. One person shared that they were diagnosed with BPD but also experienced attention and concentration symptoms of ADHD. Another individual mentioned being initially diagnosed with bipolar depression in their late teens/early adulthood, but as they got older and did more research, they felt that BPD was a more accurate diagnosis."

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