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I love dancing. I’ve always been quite active as a person even if I barely remember it. Before the pandemic, I actually started doing dance again, but then a few weeks into the sessions the pandemic shut it all down and I didn’t have space in my house to do it online. Unfortunately, I stopped being active and ended up in exercise intolerance and flareups of dysautonomia I didn’t know I had. Now, I’m reaching an age in EDS where it gets a bit difficult. I am in PT and am building muscle and pretty quickly, though I noticed starting dance again that my achilles in my left foot is NOT happy with me. Any tips from other dancers with EDS on how to best take care of my body and especially that very fragile tendon? It was one day of doing barre (I didn’t get all the way through it even) and a little bit of learning a beginners variation, there wasn’t anything excessive about it and I did used to do all of that. I missed it a lot, and hope in the fall semester of freshman year of college that I can use the dance studio and continue it. No dreams of pointe at this time, only regular simple ballet.

    • mobilityaidbabe


      Try to listen to your body 💕 taping or braces along with compression, ice, and elevation. Compression especially is your friend. Stretch in an EDS friendly way and give plenty of time to heal if you injure it. Keep dancing my friend, I hope to be able to one day again ☺️

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