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Does anyone else deal with severe stiffness and pain in the joints in your hands and wrists, and in your ankles, especially worse in the morning? I can't even open a bottle of water or my pill bottle. Not only does it hurt really badly but it's so stiff that my fingers refuse to put enough pressure on the bottle to move it.

    • DragonflyHKD


      I get like this during flare-ups where it's even hard to hold my phone. There might be accessibility tools out there meant for folks with arthritis and stiff joints. I'd definitely look into those. I need to crush my pills and investing in a refurbished Silent Knight pill crusher (and the plastic packets) helped me so much. I just need to push a big lever down once or twice and my pills are crushed. No pain whatsoever. I couldn't deal with the twisting crushes anymore as they hurt my hands when I was flared up.

    • Possum8910


      Oh I definitely do. I've actually started a system where if I know I'll want something when I wake up I or someone else will loosen the lids the night before. I know it doesn't help the pain but it makes it easier to live with.

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"Yes, there are others who experience severe stiffness and pain in their joints, particularly in the hands, wrists, and ankles. This is often worse in the morning and can make tasks like opening a bottle difficult. Some people have been diagnosed with conditions such as polyarthraglia or arthritis, which can cause these symptoms."

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