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Hi, I'm new here and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in March 2022. I have been on levothyroxine since then, but I am still experiencing very severe fatigue. I also have been trying to lose weight and have tried changing diets, etc, but nothing seems to work. This is causing me to be very low in mood, and I may also be experiencing early onset menopause, which won't help. My doctor says I am on the right level of medication, so he won't change it. My question is, has anybody found supplements or a specific diet that helps with energy levels alongside the meds. I used to exercise in the gym frequently and find I have no energy for it after working full time, I attempted to push through for a couple of weeks and made myself very ill as a result. 😔

    • imayiayia


      I am on 100mg levothyroxine and still have chronic fatigue, i'm always cold. I am so tired of my hair falling out. It's pretty thin. Dry skin, brittle nails. But my labs look good .... 😥

    • Michel


      Try Daniel fasting menu for a month and see if it works for you

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Some people have found that increasing their dosage of levothyroxine, even when their thyroid levels are normalized, can help with energy levels. Others have suggested incorporating regular activity or exercise, and maintaining a diet with minimal gluten. Additionally, ensuring you're getting enough vitamins like vitamin D and B12 can also help with energy levels. Some have also recommended trying magnesium supplements or avoiding gluten and dairy. However, it's important to discuss these changes with your doctor before implementing them.

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