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Any tips on grounding yourself? Dissociation is a main defense mechanism from my cPTSD. I have trouble recognizing when I am dissociating and getting out of it. I try the counting, visual, and audio techniques but even if it takes me out for a minute, I slip right back in. Cold water/ice triggers me so that's out.

    • cardcat


      the only thing that really helps me is not available to everyone sadly which is my partner noticing for me and making me dance with her or she’ll pick me up and spin me, so i’d assume maybe dancing and spinning would help but if you don’t even notice it i don’t know if you could get yourself to do that, plus i assume it’s the same for you but it feels impossible to move and i feel glued to where i am so idk if it would be an option i also find that setting a song to play at intervals can help so it’s like a random snap like hey here’s a comfort melody everything is okay you’re not in danger kind of thing, i play calming game soundtracks that randomly start playing softly every 2 hours also running a bath and putting my ears under water as it fills so i can hear the water helps me clear my head and think clearly which can help snap me out of it finally allowing myself to cry helps me snap out of it a lot

    • JumpingMouse


      My therapist suggested a physical object to ground - I use a sea shell. I personally find this much better than the counting because when I dissociate my mind races and it's hard to stay focused. The physical object is easier to focus on. That being said, I also find it very hard to find a technique that works well. I usually have to wait it out for a while

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Some grounding techniques suggested include focusing on breathing, doing exposure therapy in a safe space, playing with a fidget toy, using a relaxation app, or listening to calming podcasts. Others have found success with sensory grounding such as taking baths, using calming scents, or wearing certain clothes that make them feel more grounded. Exercise, like rollerblading, has also been recommended. It's important to remember that grounding techniques can look different for everyone and it might take some time to find what works best for you.

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