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I need some reassurance about going inpatient at a mental health facility.. I heard they’ve changed a lot in the way they operate, and that it’s a lot better now. But idk. It’s still just so scary. I’m not diagnosed with a lot of the issues I know I deal with, and I’m hoping that admitting myself will help with that??? Idk how it works. Any positive experiences with going inpatient to help me with my anxious thoughts over this? I just wanna know how this works and what happens while you’re there. Thank you for reading 💕

    • mobilityaidbabe


      Research the specific facility first!!!! Some of them are WAY better than other and you don't want to get stuck in the wrong one. Plus, note that even if you admit yourself, they won't let you leave until they deem you mentally fit. Message me if you want to talk about this more, and if you decide to admit yourself then I have a bunch of advice

    • DitsyDiabetic


      I JUST got out of impatient on Sunday. I have many thoughts and advice on this, if you would like to message me?

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Based on the shared experiences, many people found their stay in a mental health facility beneficial. One person mentioned that it's not like in the movies and they mostly did group therapy and occupational therapy. Another person said that being admitted helped them regulate their meds and taught them new ways to cope. It was also mentioned that everything is scheduled including meals and you can stay in your room if you want. You're allowed to tell your doctor what you do or don't want as your autonomy matters. It's important to keep an open mind and remember it's temporary.

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