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Anyone have experience with an intensive outpatient or day hospital program? What was insurance/cost like and was it helpful?

    • DragonflyHKD


      So I've been hospitalized in the psych hospital maybe a dozen times as a teen and young adult. I've also done intensive outpatient care. I was misdiagnosed the entire time (about 7 years) and had not yet found the correct meds or correct kind of therapy. There is hope though if you keep reaching out and trying new things. I feel like I missed out on my entire childhood and young adult life which stinks but I'm finally living a life I feel is worth living and I'm finally finding joy. Better late than never right? I can't remember the cost because I was on my dad's insurance at the time but he's a garbage human being and put all the medical bills on me once I became an adult. I wasn't on disability at the time so I just told the debt collectors I had absolutely no money and was close to being homeless (the truth). I digress - dialectical behavioral therapy did wonders for me and psych meds working for me are Lamotrigine, Venlafaxine, Aripiprizole, and as needed Hydroxyzine. Everyone is different though. Keep going, keep trying, keep reaching out and we're here for you and cheering you on too.

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The context does not provide information on the insurance/cost of an intensive outpatient or day hospital program, or whether it was helpful.

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