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hi. i’m 21 years old and i have crohns. i’ve been having severely debilitating nausea every night for months now. my doctor doesn’t listen to me so i haven’t been getting anywhere with him. i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to help it even if it’s just short term. any tips or products you guys use? any natural remedies to help for one night? anything would help! thanks :)

    • DragonflyHKD


      Prescribed Zofran is helpful for my nausea. I also use Tummy Pops, both ginger and peppermint flavors. I think they also come in lozenge form.

    • beingnotseeming


      ik it’s not for everyone and there’s barriers but cannabis is a life saver for me when it comes to nausea. i also use Altoids sometimes. other mints are too sweet/not strong enough. also mint tea and aromatherapy

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Some people have found relief from nausea related to Crohn's disease by using cannabis, sucking on ginger candies, using peppermint, starting omeprazole, inhaling rubbing alcohol or laying down with an alcohol prep pad in between the eyebrows. Others have suggested using a warm heating pad on the stomach, drinking warm Ginger Ale or tea, using mint gum or altoids, ordering nausea bands from Amazon, taking Dicyclomine, anti-anxiety meds & THC gummies, trying zofran, taking hot showers, eating small frequent meals, avoiding dairy and harsh foods on bad days, drinking apple juice, trying natural popsicles, consuming ginger root every morning, checking in with your body (have you taken your meds, eaten or drank something, are you feeling anxious), drinking body armor, eating crackers, and cutting out gluten if intolerant.

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