Posts on Alike for November 2021

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  2. Coping with a Mental Disorder: Tips and Tricks
  3. Advice on Eating During Pregnancy
  4. Is Methlphenedate Affecting My Hormones?
  5. Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia and Depression: Experiences?
  6. Alternative Treatments for Anxiety
  7. Managing Chronic Pain and Fatigue
  8. Looking for experiences with EMDR therapy
  9. Dealing with Fatty Liver Diagnosis Holistically
  10. Living with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis for 60 Years
  11. Seeking advice on anxiety medication
  12. Struggling with PCOS and Fertility: Need Advice
  13. New to the Platform and Looking for Health Connections
  14. Quitting Antidepressants: My Experience
  15. Dealing with Facial Hair and Acne due to PCOS
  16. How to Get Officially Diagnosed: Seeking Advice
  17. Possible Endometriosis, Seeking Advice
  18. Managing Asthma: Will I Need Inhalers Forever?
  19. Using Mobility Aids: How Did You Know You Needed One?
  20. Dealing with Multiple Chronic Conditions
  21. Alternative ways to manage PCOS without birth control pills?
  22. Night Vision: Seeing or Hearing More at Night
  23. Struggling to Find Effective Medication
  24. Managing Flares: Tips and Tricks
  25. Weaning off Xanax: Anyone else?
  26. Worried about my feeding tube and TPN
  27. ICD Implant and CHF Stage 3 - Seeking Advice and Support
  28. Struggling with BPD as a Mom of 3
  29. Looking for Mobility and Stabilization Braces for Loose Joints
  30. Considering Full Mouth Teeth Extractions Due to Autoimmune Disorder
  31. Managing Pseudo Seizures: Tips for Staying Present and Recovering Quickly
  32. Wellbutrin for ADHD and Depression: Seeking Experiences
  33. Coping Strategies: What Can Help?
  34. Balancing Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD
  35. Klonopin for Anxiety: Is it Worth the Side Effects?
  36. Should Alternative Medicine be Beneficial for Me?
  37. Need Help with Anxiety Filled Intrusive Thoughts
  38. Long-term medication use: Will it stop working?
  39. Scared to take Vistaril for anxiety
  40. How Young Were You When Diagnosed?
  41. Looking for OCD Treatment Options
  42. Struggling to Take a Deep Breath: Seeking Advice
  43. Does Hydroxizine HCL Help with Sleep?
  44. What to Do in a Health Emergency?
  45. Struggling with Transitions in Relationships
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  47. Looking for a Birth Control Option with Minimal Side Effects
  48. Dealing with GASTROPARSYS: Seeking Treatment and Alternatives
  49. Why is Bupropion Stimulating for Some and Not Others?
  50. Tips for Managing Pain and Losing Weight
  51. Random Drugged Feeling After Drinking Orange Juice
  52. Variety in Tachycardia Symptoms
  53. My Experience with Lithium for Mental Health
  54. Possible Herpes Transmission to Self?
  55. Looking for Help with Agoraphobia
  56. Managing Multiple Disorders: Is There Hope?
  57. Getting Help for Endometriosis Pain After Hysterectomy
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  60. Looking for PMDD treatment options after Prozac side effects
  61. Doctor Communication: The Biggest Challenge
  62. Struggling with Anxiety: Need Help Calming Down
  63. Heightened Awareness in Apartment Living
  64. Looking for non-benzo, non-antidepressant anxiety meds
  65. Regulating Thyroid and Periods without Birth Control?
  66. Introducing Myself to the Community
  67. Looking for Alternatives to Medication for Depression and Anxiety
  68. Nervous about New Doctor and PCOS
  69. Xanax for Depression and Anxiety: Experiences Wanted
  70. Need Help Sleeping? Here are Some Suggestions!
  71. Dealing with Panic Attacks in Public
  72. First Endometriosis Surgery - What to Expect?
  73. Struggling with Propranolol for Anxiety
  74. Denied for a PTSD Service Dog, What Now?
  75. Am I Being Given All My Options?
  76. Need Help with Anxiety: What Should I Take?
  77. Struggling with Processing After Brain Injury
  78. Need advice for managing pain and migraines caused by birth control pill
  79. Asking for Medication Adjustment: How to Approach Your Psychiatrist
  80. Effexor and Orgasms: Anyone Else?
  81. Considering a Wheelchair for Epilepsy-Related Mobility Issues
  82. Expectations for Improvement on Lexapro and CBT Therapy for GAD
  83. Am I Taking the Right Medication?
  84. Dealing with Anxiety Symptoms: Should I Be Worried?
  85. Struggling with ADHD and Addiction: Seeking Medication Advice
  86. Can Alternative Medicine Really Help?
  87. ADHD and Daily Life: How Much Does It Interfere?
  88. Can't Stop Overthinking: Need Advice
  89. Is Therapy Really Necessary for Chemical-Based Depression and Anxiety?
  90. Concerns about Trazodone side effects
  91. Low Sex Drive with PCOS: What Can Help?
  92. Tips for Grounding Yourself When You Dissociate
  93. Tips for Sleeping with Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
  94. Need advice for IBS-M symptoms
  95. Struggling to Quit Smoking with PCOS
  96. Living with GERD due to Mold Exposure
  97. Managing Anxiety Without Medication: Seeking Advice
  98. THC for PTSD and ADHD: A Personal Experience
  99. Coping with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Diagnosis
  100. Dealing with Daily Vertigo: Seeking Advice
  101. Struggling with Language: Tips and Advice
  102. Looking for Others with Cyclothymia Diagnosis
  103. How to convince a loved one to seek mental health treatment?
  104. Dealing with Eczema: Tips and Tricks
  105. Finding Motivation and Confidence with Acne
  106. Has anyone tried Botox for chronic migraines?
  107. Dealing with Vertigo and Anxiety: How to Cope
  108. Starting Abilify and Worried About Metabolic Syndrome
  109. Dealing with Inconsistencies: Seeking Advice
  110. High Cholesterol and Advanced Lipid Panel Results
  111. Difficulty standing up after sitting for a while
  112. Trouble Swallowing - Need Advice
  113. Leg Pain: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  114. Dealing with Nausea: Any Tips?
  115. Ways to increase Adderall effectiveness?
  116. Struggling with Parenting and Mental Health
  117. Cancelling Therapy Appointments: How Many Chances Should I Give?
  118. How to Overcome Anxiety of Mundane Actions
  119. Coping with Self-Love: Share Your Favorite Methods
  120. Feeling Disconnected: Need Advice
  121. Managing Anxiety in Social Situations
  122. Body Shocks and Brain Zaps from Welbutrin
  123. Abdominal pain after surgery and IUD insertion
  124. Alternative treatments for PCOS besides birth control?
  125. Switching from Gabapentin to Lyrica - Need Advice
  126. Considering Weight Loss Surgery: My Experience So Far
  127. Dealing with Side Effects from Pristiq
  128. Lyrica for Fibromyalgia: Anyone Else Taking It?
  129. Looking for Support from Others with Chronic Illness
  130. How to Control Anger Outbursts Without Medication
  131. Managing Pain During Winter
  132. Exploring Myself and My Interests
  133. New here and looking for advice on natural fibromyalgia relief
  134. Managing Weight During Bipolar Episodes
  135. Does CBD really help with anxiety?
  136. Tailbone Pain: Need Advice!
  137. Struggling to lose weight gained on antidepressants
  138. Morning medication wearing off too soon, need advice
  139. Iron Pills for Anemia: Relief Timeframe and Dosage
  140. Increasing IC Medication Dose: When and How Much?
  141. Using Marijuana to Manage Anxiety and Insomnia
  142. Service Dog or Guide Dog for POTS Syndrome and Blindness?
  143. Dealing with Morning Anxiety
  144. Struggling with Worsening Anxiety Despite Medication Changes
  145. Preparing for Endometriosis Surgery: Tips and Advice
  146. Misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia for Months
  147. How to Stop Hair Picking?
  148. Struggling with Addiction: Is it in My Genes?
  149. Best Antidepressants: What You Need to Know
  150. Unstable Appetite: Losing Weight and Can't Eat
  151. How to Recognize When Your Mental Health is Declining
  152. Switching from Mirtazapine to Zoloft: What to Expect
  153. How to Confirm a Medical Diagnosis?
  154. Looking for other ultradian cycling bipolar disorder sufferers
  155. Dealing with Chronic Abdominal and Pelvic Pain
  156. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Coping Techniques and Advice Needed
  157. How can I be there for my daughter when I'm stuck in bed?
  158. Ignoring Basic Needs Due to ADHD
  159. Nervous about starting Topamax
  160. Should I Consider Knee and Shoulder Replacements for Chronic Pain?
  161. Coping with Fibro and Covid Symptoms
  162. Looking for advice on MS medications
  163. Hemiplegic Migraines: Anyone Else?
  164. Metformin for PCOS: Experiences?
  165. Saline Infusions for Treatment: Has Anyone Tried Them?
  166. Differentiating Fatigue in Addisons and Other Conditions
  167. Birthday coming up, need ideas for low-energy celebration
  168. Looking for Pristiq reviews
  169. Managing Multiple Medications: How to Reduce Without Increasing Anxiety?
  170. Effective ways to treat PCOS
  171. Looking for Gastroparesis Treatment Advice
  172. What Are You Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving?
  173. Struggling with Depression Medication: Seeking Advice
  174. Supporting a Partner with Chronic Illness
  175. Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Diagnosis and Joint Pain Management
  176. Dealing with Seizures: Anyone Else?
  177. Need advice on switching antidepressants
  178. Dealing with Overstimulation at Work
  179. Dealing with Mental Health Issues: My Story
  180. Looking for advice on getting medical marijuana
  181. Navigating College with a Chronic Illness: Tips and Tricks
  182. Dexedrine vs Ritalin: Seeking Advice