as someone with ocd i was wondering is there a type of treatment i can do because I feel like taking my medication eases my symptoms but i don't do anything to work on treating the ocd its self


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Butterfly


    The most effective way to treat OCD is a combination between CBT and medication. During practice CBT, I learned some techniques to deal with my OCD.

  • Jadie


    ERP and ACT are usually recommended for OCD, its about being accepting that the OCD is there and will do its thing while exposing yourself(usually with a therapist trained in it) strategically to triggers where you can confront the anxiety and show your brain the anxiety around those thoughts arent necessary. Works from small triggers to the bigger ones. There are loads of educational videos online to see if its different from what youre doing already. Besides that, holding your values above your anxiety is a key way to orienting your mindset to better manage your OCD. Hope this helps!

  • amethyst8


    Its been very difficult for me to even admit i have ocd and i think that made things difficult but now that im slowly accepting im noticing alot of new obsessions coming up.

  • catsRcute


    I'm currently taking Aripiprazole for mood swings and for ocd and it has helped my ocd a ton

  • hippononymous


    I do ERP. NOCD is a great app to download where you can do it with a therapist!!

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