my doc wants to switch me to Lyrica instead of gabapentin. I'm hoping to get some insight from others who have switched? I already tried to come off gaba but the side effects and pain were intolerable. really struggling from the isolation brought on by my most recent pain flare, wondering if this app will provide some support? TIA :)


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  • monsterflower


    I'm sorry you're in such a bad flare, those are the worst. I made that switch a few weeks back. If you do stop taking the gaba, definitely make sure you taper off. I gradually reduced my dose down to 100mgs, and I still felt like absolute garbage the first day after I stopped taking it. Thankfully it only lasted about a day. I made sure that I started the Lyrica on a Friday evening, which ended up being a good call as I got pretty heavy side effects the first couple of days, the worst was extreme drowsiness. But thankfully that calmed down enough that I could kinda function by Monday. I do think it's starting to help my pain a bit, which the gabapentin didn't do at all, so I'm really glad I switched. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you can get some relief soon!

  • Kikafaye


    I know what those flare ups feel like. I actually had been able to come off of my gabapentin and Lyrica at one point. I started taking medical marijuana and it works wonders! I had to recently go back on gabapentin due to my left leg going numb. It's from my spinal cord being compressed. It also helps my anxiety.

  • LIN91


    I'm not opposed to the medical MJ but don't want the " haze" feeling all Day. Tips?

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