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Hi there! To preface, this is not a conscious eating disorder. I wish I could eat right now. I’ve been losing a ton a weight, and my appetite has been unstable since June. I’ve lost weight then gained it back in between now & then, but this time, it’s not coming back & I keep losing it. I can eat a good couple bites of something but then get “full”. I never have an appetite, and I can’t make myself eat or I’ll get sick. I’m so hungry and I just don’t know what to do. Is this related or another issue?

    • Jadie


      This sounds like symptoms I get from my gastroparesis on the daily. I dont know where youre symptoms are coming from and honestly GI issues can be complex to sort out because a lot of things look the same based on general GI symptoms. I would look into slow gastric emptying especially if there are any comobidities with EDS or POTS or diabetes. If youve got a doctor I would bring GP up and see about testing for that and other possibilities. In the meantime if you and looking for possible food options switching to partial liquids in smoothies or protein shakes can be helpful, drinking maybe one cup of liquid an hour if volume is a huge issue. The smoother you can get them the better. Even a handful of fruit and some spinach thrown in there gives you more nutrients that any juice or water. There are also electrolyte drinks I would recommend like gatorade or even DripDrops. You dont want to mess with GI issues and an electrolyte imbalance. I hope any of this is helpful and you get some answers soon. GI issues are horrid.

    • Mickey09


      I am not sure if it's related to anything but I would bring it up with your Dr. Havw you tried drinking protein shakes? They work for me when I'm not hungry and I know I need to eat. Premier protein are pretty good, the equate brand from Walmart are similar and cheaper.

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