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so PTSD with ADHD. I have used and found in the correct dosage that THC does indeed help with my mood problems and depression related to my PTSD, which is why it's been an accepted medical prescription for PTSD, but I tried to look up how it affects ADHD and while I saw some positive articles about THC and ADHD being helpful, I saw an overwhelming amount of articles against it. It made me sad because THC really helps me feel good about life better than even my Zoloft, but also I feel very self conscious about my forgetfulness, which is very bad while sober, and I do not believe it is much worse after smoking, but some said it could cause some kind of brain damage in one of them and I just don't know if it's because how THC use has been demonized for so long in the USA. 😕

    • Jadie


      I too use It for multiple issues. THC CBD and CBGA have been sooooo beneficial. For the mental stuff THC helps with my ADHD especially if i pair it with a little bit if coffee (but cant drink it without smoking because I have bipolar also). And then all three of them help my cPTSD. Especially CBGA as it targets anxiety specifically. Oh and if i smoke at all i dont have bipolar episodes anymore. Im glad you found it to be beneficial for you as it seems a shot in the dark if someone has a good experience or a lack luster or even negative one. And you are very right about how demonized it is here. As someone who cant tolerate regular meds weed has been revolutionary and Im afraid to see doctors sometimes because they only see one mode of treatment.

    • Columbus


      I had a bad experience with THC, but I’ve heard of many people who benefit from it. I believe that if it helps you with your PTSD and ADHD you should keep taking it as long as it's not excessive

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