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Does anyone have any good ideas about how to resist the urge to pick at my hair? I have a huge bald spot on my forehead and it keeps getting worse because I keep picking at it!

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    • rpatzvibes


      The only thing that has helped me significantly was getting fake nails. Then I literally can’t grip the hair!

    • rpatzvibes


      The only thing that has helped me significantly was getting fake nails. Then I literally can’t grip the hair!

    • littlerolls


      I pull a lot at night and so i started wearing those aloe infused moisturizing gloves to bed. It’s a double whammy of benefits! And cozy! You can usually find them at Marshall’s for like $4.

    • Stefani


      Coloring has helped me to keep my hands busy, I’ve also tried cross stitching and heard others say crocheting, knitting, embroidery work. Sensory gadgets can also help but having something that you are actually working to finish, I feel, helps more. Also, try to be more conscious of WHEN and WHERE you are pulling your hair. When you do, try to redirect yourself from those situations or find new ways to adapt to those places.

    • Jadie


      Couple ideas 1) if you have long hair wear in a bun and they have those stretchy head wraps (idk what they are called but think workout gear) that you can out over your hairline. I want to try this soon as i still pull the hair out of the tie. 2) redirecting your hands. I have a stim toy i grab when i notice my hands keep going to my hair or skin. Hair ties on the wrist can also be gently tugged on or played with while being convenient to putting your hair up. 3) if you dont want people to notice the bald spot and not comment on it while you are still going through the rough moments there are colored dry shampoos you can spray on the spot. Mostly works for darker hair. But if there are any open sores or scabs i would skip this as itll irritate it. Hope there is something useful in there for ya!

    • Isabella


      Hi, I do not know what you have tried before so I will list some tips that have helped me over the years. In difficult times - I shaved my head and wore a wig, although this is not an ideal option, but for me the situation was already really bad. During less difficult times, I wore a rubber band on my hand and whenever I wanted to pull out hair I pulled on the rubber band. To this day I use a trick with the rubber band that helps me a lot.

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