Posts on Alike for October 2021

  1. Struggling to Drink Water with Depression and Sensory Issues
  2. Sick Days: How Many is Too Many?
  3. Why won't my new doctor prescribe me more Xanax?
  4. Struggling with PCOS and Weight Loss
  5. Managing Flare Ups: Treatment Options and Tips
  6. Worst Side Effects: Share Your Experience
  7. Daily vs Menstrual Pain: What's Normal?
  8. Debilitating Menstrual Cramps: Seeking Relief Without Medication
  9. Irregular periods with PCOS - anyone else?
  10. Propranolol for GAD: My Experience
  11. Seeking advice for POTS management
  12. Looking for Fibromyalgia Medication Recommendations
  13. How to Confirm a Medical Diagnosis?
  14. Overcoming Triggers: Tips and Tricks
  15. Managing Dysautonomia: Seeking Advice on Doctors and Treatments
  16. Burning Sensation on Head and Chest Pain
  17. Should I Keep Things to Myself in Therapy?
  18. Metformin and PCOS: Bleeding for 9 Months Straight
  19. Struggling with HBC Withdrawal
  20. Best ways to beat nighttime anxiety?
  21. Left Side Rib Pain: Seeking Advice
  22. Struggling with Weight and Control
  23. Diagnosed with Chronic Active EBV, What's Next?
  24. FDA Approves Trials of Psychedelic Therapy for PTSD Patients
  25. Confused about POTS treatment
  26. Struggling with Anxiety: Need Help!
  27. Best Medications for Depression and Anxiety with Fewer Side Effects
  28. Tips for Being Productive with Chronic Pain
  29. Dating with Chronic Illness: How to Navigate the Awkwardness
  30. Will my menstrual cycle return to normal after stopping hormones?
  31. Dealing with Migraines and Anxiety
  32. Undiagnosed Symptoms: Seeking Community Support
  33. Looking for Experiences with Lamictal for Bipolar Disorder
  34. Best OCD Medications: Seeking Advice
  35. Irregular Periods with PCOS: Seeking Advice
  36. Looking for advice on celexa for panic disorder
  37. Natural Ways to Control Panic Disorder
  38. Need Help with Severe Constipation
  39. Looking for experiences with clonidine for anxiety
  40. Sudden loss of sense in legs with Fibromyalgia
  41. Tips for Coping with Panic Attacks
  42. Reverse Shoulder Replacement for AVN of Right Shoulder?
  43. Breaking Bad Habits for Better T1D Management
  44. Intense Back Pain: When Should I Go to the ER?
  45. Overcoming Hidradenitis Suppurativa Flare Ups
  46. Is Birth Control and Dieting the Only Solution?
  47. Escitalopram for Anxiety and Depression: Experiences?
  48. Opinions on Mirtazapine for Panic Attacks and Anxiety?
  49. Effexor causing severe insomnia, need advice
  50. Living with Guillian Barre Syndrome: Feeling Alone and Hopeless
  51. Dealing with SIBO and Celiac: Worried About My Diet
  52. Ways to Manage Anxiety and Depression Without Medication
  53. Looking for new medication options for depression and anxiety
  54. Dealing with Vertigo: Any Advice?
  55. Struggling with PCOS: Need Help Beyond Metformin
  56. Dealing with Panic Attacks and Anxiety
  57. Am I Autistic or Do I Have GAD?
  58. What Blood Tests Should I Get for My Chronic Conditions?
  59. Nervous about taking Wellbutrin for the first time
  60. Looking for Hypothyroidism Support Group
  61. Looking for Experiences with Weight Loss Surgery
  62. Looking for apps to manage head mates
  63. Dealing with IBS and Mental Health: Anyone Else?
  64. Tapering off Lexapro: Need Natural Remedies for Discontinuation Syndrome
  65. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Seeking Advice on Medication
  66. Advice on taking trazadone for sleep and depression?
  67. Bipolar or ADHD: How to Tell the Difference?
  68. Fibromyalgia Comfort: What Works Best?
  69. Need advice on changing medication
  70. Can Fibromyalgia Progress? How to Stop It?
  71. Best CBD Strain for Anxiety: Help Me Feel Calm Without Sleepiness
  72. Dealing with Anxiety: Will it Ever Go Away?
  73. CBD for Anxiety: Best Strains and Effects
  74. Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia and Anxiety: Does it Work?
  75. Is My Medication Worth Keeping?
  76. How were you diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?
  77. Managing Weight with PCOS: Tips and Tricks
  78. PCOS and rapid body hair growth
  79. How to raise low blood pressure?
  80. Marijuana for Fibromyalgia/Depression: Experiences?
  81. Dealing with Persistent Depression for 5 Years
  82. Feeling anxious and then it's gone
  83. Scared to take Zoloft with history of seizures
  84. Changing Medications: Will They Stop Working?
  85. Effective Ways to Shed Pounds
  86. How to Stop Worrying: Tips and Tricks
  87. Share Your Asthma Flare Management Techniques
  88. Struggling with Trichotillomania: Need Advice
  89. How to Effectively Cope with Mental Health Issues
  90. Coping with Anxiety in Chronic Illness
  91. Struggling with Bipolar Disorder Medications
  92. Painful Nose with Raynauds Syndrome and Allergies
  93. Dating with Celiac: Tips for Navigating the Gluten-Free Dating Scene
  94. Managing PCOS symptoms: seeking advice
  95. When to Consider Anxiety Medication: A Guide
  96. SSRIs and SNRIs not working for Panic Disorder
  97. Struggling with Inconclusive Results of Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis/IBS
  98. Is Prozac Effective for Treating Depression?
  99. Anxiety about upcoming colonoscopy and endoscopy
  100. Negative Side Effects of Medication
  101. Struggling to gain weight with PCOS
  102. Struggling with Social Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  103. Looking for ADHD medication that won't worsen anxiety and insomnia
  104. ADHD and Psychiatric Disorders: Do You Have Both?
  105. Surprising Fact About Me
  106. Factors affecting fibromyalgia symptoms
  107. Anxiety and Depression: Diagnosis by a Doctor or Psychiatrist?
  108. Looking for Friends with Similar Health Issues
  109. Lost in the Fog of My Mind
  110. Dealing with a Possible Bipolar 2 Diagnosis
  111. Dealing with a Chronic Cough: Seeking Advice
  112. Hyperventilating and Blurred Vision: Anxiety or Panic Attack?
  113. Feeling Stuck and Anxious
  114. Seeking Advice for Upcoming Hysterectomy
  115. Looking for Heart Rate Monitoring Advice
  116. Seeking Advice on Going Back on Mental Health Medication
  117. Seeking Diagnosis for Anxiety and Depression
  118. Newly Diagnosed with Spondyloarthritis: Seeking Tips for Managing Symptoms
  119. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Need Advice
  120. Asking for a Workplace Accommodation
  121. Looking for advice on ADHD medication while on antidepressants
  122. Does Autism Progress? Understanding the Condition
  123. Struggling to Exercise with POTS: Any Tips?
  124. Losing Interest in Everything I Love
  125. Winter is Coming: Tips for Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder
  126. Thyroid Issues and Extreme Fatigue: Anyone Else?
  127. Managing Anxiety and ADHD: My Struggle
  128. Looking for advice on changing anxiety medication
  129. Struggling to Find a Job with POTS Diagnosis
  130. Traveling with a Chronic Illness: How Do You Cope?
  131. Bupropion dosage increase and stomach medicine added
  132. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Endometriosis
  133. New Psychiatrist Doesn't Like Clonazepam - Seeking Advice
  134. What Can Help With Anxiety Disorder?
  135. Heavy, Painful, and Irregular Periods After Ablation
  136. Seeking advice on HRT and PCOS
  137. Need help with dietary changes for prediabetes
  138. Best Bipolar 2 Medication?
  139. Stopped taking medication, need advice
  140. What specialist should I see for EDS?
  141. When Will My Anxiety Outbursts End?
  142. My Experience with Pure OCD and Delusions/Paranoia
  143. Hormonal Disorders and Inflammation: Any Connection?
  144. SSRIs and Bipolar Disorder: A Question
  145. How to Hold it Together When You're Burned Out
  146. How to Monitor Progression of My Condition?
  147. Hydroxyzine for Anxiety: Does it Help or Just Make You Tired?
  148. Seeking Medical Advice for Post Nasal Drip and Digestive Issues
  149. Living with Chronic Illness: Do Your Loved Ones Understand?
  150. Dealing with Anxiety due to CKD
  151. Looking for a stronger medication than Lexapro
  152. Klonopin for Anxiety: Side Effects and Expectations
  153. Double Jaw Orthognathic Surgery - Anyone had it?
  154. Dealing with Dental Phobia and Anxiety
  155. Undiagnosed Chronic Headaches - Seeking Advice
  156. Looking for Alternatives to Benzodiazepines for Anxiety Relief
  157. Best diet and exercise for PCOS weight loss
  158. Anxiety Medication Making Me Sick: What Should I Do?
  159. Tips for Controlling Bipolar Disorder without Medication
  160. Struggling with Multiple Conditions: Need Help Balancing
  161. High Thyroid Levels After Weight Loss - Seeking Advice
  162. Need tips to calm down my anxiety
  163. Struggling with Insomnia: Seeking Advice
  164. Need help finding a pain management solution
  165. Desperate for Migraine Relief
  166. Pounding Headache - Seeking Advice
  167. Managing POTS without medication
  168. When to Increase Zoloft Dosage: A Guide
  169. Struggling with Medication Changes
  170. Looking for holistic alternatives to Entyvio for UC treatment
  171. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression: Need Advice
  172. What do your seizures feel like?
  173. Why do I sweat so much after a shower?
  174. Managing PCOS Pain: Seeking Advice on Medication and Birth Control
  175. How Will My EDS Progress? Seeking Advice
  176. Finding a Therapist: Where to Start?
  177. Choosing Between Hysterectomy and Medication for Endometriosis
  178. Hypothyroidism and Hair Loss: Seeking Advice
  179. Hormone Specialists and PCOS Treatment: What You Need to Know
  180. How can I help my dad with BPD?
  181. Prolapsed Mitral Valve with Severe Symptoms
  182. Looking for Better Medication Options
  183. Palpitations and Flutters on Escitalopram
  184. Dealing with Nausea and Dizziness from Pain Flare Up
  185. Is 150 mg Enough? Short Term Medication Use
  186. Dealing with a Disorder: Tips and Advice
  187. Managing Chronic Pain: Is There More to Life?
  188. Looking for alternatives to medication
  189. What Endometriosis Medications Have Worked for You?
  190. Has anyone tried Inositol for Diabetes?
  191. Symptoms of Brain Tumor in Anxiety and Health Anxiety
  192. Feeling Anxious and Disconnected from Reality
  193. Dealing with MRSA and Mental Health Issues
  194. Looking for Friends in DFW Area
  195. Struggling with Fertility and PCOS
  196. Zoloft Stopped Working: What's Next?
  197. Managing Chronic Pain and Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  198. Struggling with Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  199. Endometriosis and Restless Leg Syndrome: Are They Connected?
  200. My First Seizure: Seeking Therapy at 19
  201. What's affected you the most?
  202. Looking for Mood Stabilizers to Manage Bipolar Disorder
  203. Restlessness on Latuda: Anyone else experiencing this?
  204. Dealing with Invasive Thoughts: Tips and Tricks
  205. Random Twitches Throughout the Day: Anxiety or Prozac?
  206. Soreness and Bleeding After Sex: Is it Normal?
  207. Lack of Sexual Interest on Anxiety Medication
  208. Seeking Help for Anxiety and PTSD Without Benzos
  209. Can a Cardiac Alert Dog Help Me Regain My Independence?
  210. What Has Affected You the Most?
  211. Assessing Disease Progression in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  212. Tips for Losing Weight with PCOS
  213. Medication not working anymore?
  214. Looking for Mental Health Treatment Advice
  215. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  216. Sertraline Tolerance
  217. Seeking advice on Amitryptaline and Xanax withdrawal
  218. Strange Sensations After Increasing Lamictal Dosage
  219. Seeking Advice on Getting a Mental Health Diagnosis
  220. Considering Medication: Seeking Advice
  221. Effects of Zoloft on Mental Health
  222. Questions about Prozac and Antidepressants
  223. Spiritual Experiences with Seizures
  224. Randomly Passing Out - Seeking Advice