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I have started going in person to school, colds and strep are going around right now and yet I only caught the cold so far. I still have some problems with like my nose (most likely post nasal drip) and my digestive system. Going to the doctor is such a hassle for me and my mom and i am busy with school so i dont want to have to start going to the doctors a bunch and just keep doing transfers and trial and error. I also dont wanna have something serious going on and miss it, as someone getting tested for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome I also have no idea what could be serious or just a regular problem and my mom is never sure either. I know I should just go to the doctor and spare the complications but sometimes that leads nowhere. Any advice?

    • NonbinarySlytherin


      This is... I feel this. I spent a month and a half having constant coughing fits due to post nasal drip. Referred to GI and diagnosed with IBS. Year later, got diagnosed with HSD (Hyper mobility Spectrum Disorder). As a person who hates going to the doctor, go see your doctor. Ask to see a psychiatrist or someone who can diagnose you with OCD or if the other diagnosis is truth.

    • Joy


      You remind me of myself. I hate doctors, and I’m always too busy to see them, so I try to avoid them as much as I can. The only problem is that then my disease presents abruptly and always causes me to get hospitalized

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