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I just got diagnosed with chronic active EBV. Any one else have that? What’s my next step? Is this as serious as I read about? Ugh.

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    • sadie.else


      @Kraftastic Me too!

    • Kraftastic


      I was dx in 2014 and my neck is so swollen it’s concerning

      • sadie.else


        @Kraftastic Me too!

    • blink


      Ive been living with chronic ebv since i was 15 and most noticeably for me is fatigue. Every once in a while i get mono flare ups which just act as regular mono, and my spleen swells every once in a bit but always goes down. i also get sick more frequently/ easily, but live a very normal life. as long as you're paying close attention to your health and not putting yourself at risk you should be okay :)

    • Jes81


      Yes, I was diagnosed in 2017 after my lymph nodes in my neck swelled and I had an MRI done and blood work. It was reactivated CAEBV. Which I had no idea I even had.. since then, I lost a lot of weight, put it back on with covid-19 and we moved from the house we were in, because it had mold. Mold reactivates CAEBV among other toxins. Stress is another factor that will cause it to reactivate so avoiding anything toxic and trying to avoid stress will help you immensely. Also, organic foods and organic vitamins help keep the virus at bay. I got Cayenne tincture from an online website that helps clean your blood and body so you have less reactivations. Praying you're feeling better. I see this was 9 mos ago... try to stay healthy and keep a positive outlook. It's the only thing that's helped me keep a job and continue with my life normally. And God of course. I make it through everyday because of the strength his words give me. God Bless.

    • Lolli


      Thank you I need to find the best one in my area. Appreciate the support

    • Hypochondriac


      Hey, I was suspected to have that because I had persistent fatigue post to my disease, but the results remained negative. I’m sorry for your diagnosis. The first thing I would do is to double check that, and to consult with an infectious diseases expert

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