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Hello! I joined this group because I was talking to a friend with BPD and realized that we share a lot of symptoms, and I wanted to see more people’s experiences with it before seeing my psychiatrist. However, I realize now that my dad is even more inclined to have it than myself. I have no problem seeking help, but I know he will. Does anyone have any tips about how I might make him feel more comfortable and be as helpful as possible to him? We have a turbulent relationship, but it’s getting better and I think our mental health has played into our issues with each other a lot. I’m not sure that I want to tell him to see a psychiatrist, but if anyone has any advice about that I’ll take it too. I’m just worried about him, he lives alone, is a single parent on weekends (struggles to be patient), and I want him to feel better.

    • PurpleDragon


      Not sure what country everyone is in. But if you have Facebook, there's a few BPD groups. I love the group that has the letter building blocks spelling BPD, everyone is helpful and friendly, sometimes sarcastic. But over all, it feels the safest of the groups and has helped me alot.

    • CoolFishy22


      I have a grandparent with depression that lives completely on his own, and he refuses to take meds or seek counseling. There’s no way to force them. If they won’t go to therapy maybe try and find other ways to make it better? Like maybe get him a pet? Or frequently visit him or send him little things to let him know you care.

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