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how do you deal with the anxiety that comes along with this disease? I was able to cope for six years but it has progressively become worse this year. last week, I had ten panic attacks. it was absolute hell.

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    • mizzcali19


      @weeblewobble1969 what all do you do for panic and anxiety

    • jamo


      Valium helps me with the anxiety… but being on all my meds helps too.. 500mg LAMOTRIGINE, 150 zoloft

    • Terpsichore


      Salt has never been my friend. I was given a water pill when younger ( 16 years old) to limit the fluid retention behind my eardrums. I'm confused on the anxiety and panic attacks associated with this disease. I was never told that it was related to my hearing issues, however I was told that my bppv was linked.

    • weeblewobble1969


      I've had meniers since the late 90s. I officially was diagnosed in 2008. I still have anxiety and painc attacks. You are not alone. 😬💕

      • mizzcali19


        @weeblewobble1969 what all do you do for panic and anxiety

    • RyleighRain


      I agree with Chronicly_Liz. I have what I call "my dizzy kit". I have a dizzy kit in my bedroom and my bathroom. It consist of: 4 meclizine for vertigo, 4 zofran for nausea, 4 Klonopin for the horrible anxiety that comes with it, and 4 Walmart bags to throw up in. I once had a full blown attack driving, needless to say I have not driven in a couple years. Actually I sold my car. I already had terrible anxiety but now my anxiety has anxiety, afraid of being alone knowing a "drop attack" could happen at any minute. I don't think I have much positivity to say about this disease. It is very scary. My mom and my maternal grandmother had it as well. I knew, the very first attack what was happening to me. I had seen it before. I felt doomed. I'm deaf now in my left ear, BUT the tinitus is unbearable at times. I found noise cancelling headphones help ALOT with the sensitivity and fullness when I can't stand hearing certain decibels. I hope something I just wrote benefits at least one person. I also quit smoking and cut out salt and caffeine. Those things helped my symptoms, though it was hard quitting. Good luck all. I empathize with every person out there with this debilitating disease.

    • Chronicly_Liz


      Therapy and rescue medications. When you get a bad flare just having things that comfort you in that time. Best of luck.

    • wreckedwill2017


      Hang in there

    • Hypochondriac


      I’m dealing by seeing a therapist once a week and with biofeedback that taught me how to manage my feelings.

    • wreckedwill2017


      Hi, I’ve had it since 2012, and have sustained serious injuries due to falling because of it. I’ve learned some tricks to contend with some of the effects. Like don’t close my eyes while standing, don’t listen with earbuds when walking, touching a wall when waking helps the room spinning and such. Antivert is my friend, and salt Is not always

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