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  • Brandonxbean


    Hi love. The best way to deal with Bipolar is first to know what you if bipolar you have. Second, get on the right meds, trust me it will help you with mania and depression. Zoloft and lithium work well from what I’ve heard

  • SamNowak


    I have taken both of those and neither one of them have worked for me. I've been trying to find out what drives me over the edge. I think the stress of being a single mom and having to deal with everything is one of them triggers

    • des00000


      I feel you 1000000%

  • Waterparks


    I'm currently on Seroquel 350mg and its helped tremendously with depression and repressing mania. It has caused quite a bit of weight gain.

  • Cheeseballs


    Seroquel! Helps so much with mania and delusions

  • bekahcat


    If your stuck on what medications work best for you, there is a DNA test you can get that shows what medications you metabolize the best. All it is is a swab on your cheek and you get a complete list of what you can take, what you can take under supervision, and what you should never take

  • carli


    what is the dna test called ?

  • sleepyaries2


    the DNA test is called GeneSight‼️‼️ it’s RARELY more than $330 out of pocket (most people don’t even get a bill) & if it is, they’ll let u know

  • SamNowak


    I take 300mg of seroquel, but it knocks me out and I don't feel myself the next day. I feel gloomy and down and don't wanna do anything. It helps with my anxiety and insomnia. My mind races so I need it to mellow out.

  • Jag


    Prozac,Seroquel,Lithium for me.

  • Mars


    Give yourself the space to deal with manic and depressive episodes. For me that means that I find some free time to indulge a bit in how I’m feeling, usually by letting myself be“lazy” (depressive) or doing something creative or physically demanding (manic) instead of trying to fight it, which leads to a panic attack. Also. Try not to make big purchases or long term decisions during a manic episode. Speaking from experience, I tried to do two years of high school at once my junior year and failed like five classes lol.

  • ElliePavern


    Lithium and Cymbalta saved my life ❤️

  • Cbab


    Pristiq and lamictal!

  • Sheeba


    See a psychiatrist to get a correct diagnosis. They will try you on different drugs until they find one that controls your symptoms. I have been tried on countless medications and have been put back on ablifiy ten mgs in the morning. I was taken off it years ago. It is working well.

  • Jadie


    In my experience I’ve never had a doctor or therapist give me any help other than medication. Which is ridiculous because bipolar or more then the on off episodes. My advice is to really educate yourself on the effects episodes have on you, telling the signs of oncoming issues, and lifestyle changes that will help maintain some sense of routine as our biological clocks are jacked up. Things that can help cope within episodes are also important. Like safe projects to get into while manic to keep the mind busy with a timer set to tell you when to eat if youre the type to drop all self maintenance. Not everyone will be psychotic but some of us are so its important to be aware of signs of psychotic features. Comorbid disorders are in high frequency with bipolar and can slightly change bipolar presentation and treatment. Talk therapy with someone who is very educated on the disorder (not every therapist is, ask what they know). And personally for me, being able to shift my mindset from “something is wrong with me” to “i have a mental chronic illness that makes me experience altered states” helps me as shame with this illness can be extreme. Research all medication you take as all drugs can have side effects and be cautious because some doctors dont seem to understand our depression wont be solved with the same methods as MDD or warn about side effects you might be particularly susceptible to.

    • FinnWren


      I totally agree that thinking of it in terms of altered states instead of a shameful thing! its important for me to find ways to embrace and harness different aspects of bipolar in a more positive or neutral light. my altered states can be scary but others can be meaningful and I don't want to deny myself of those.

  • SkylerBoByler


    Mindfulness. You gotta get meta and think about your thoughts. Recognize mania and depression. It sucks. I never know if I'm hypomanic until after. I just think Im doing GREAT! I have to watch my behavior for signs. Actions and feelings begin with our thoughts. Physiology plays a big role, too. Look at your nutrition. Don't be scared to buy some ensure drinks or get meal powder to fill in some gaps. Low effort. Even on my high symptom days, i can mix water and powder together. Actually, thats a lie. I sometimes have to grab a bottle of premixed. I keeep both around.

  • Ramones


    Busying yourself tbh. Hopping between hobbies and interests, going out to try and ward off the boredom, working to improve the inability to maintain friendships. Another answer? Drugs. But, yk, probably shouldn't recommend it.

  • rorose


    maybe being honest with yourself? thats a start for me. and being honest with those closest to you about how you feel?

  • moonbear


    See a psychiatrist regularly. It's what has helped me. I see him every couple months. He talks to me about what's been going on with me recently and of course refills my medication. It's been a big help. I also see a therapist, she's even better.

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