Does anyone else have endometriosis AND restless leg syndrome?
My RLS started at the same time that my Endometriosis symptoms got bad, and now during flare ups my arms even feel “restless”, so I’m curious if they’re connected.

Also, how are y’all treating RLS if you have it? My RLS is unbearable and often triggers my anxiety, so I’ve just been using the meds I use to sleep in a higher dose to numb my limbs, but I’d like an alternative to that so that I can keep a lower, less nauseating dose.


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  • Troublemaker095


    I suffer from RLS and endo. I often feel like my arms are restless as well. I'm currently taking Lyrica for fibromyalgia but it serves a dual purpose for the RLS. Its slightly better, but I've found meditation as well as stretches before bed help me some. I also get acupuncture which seems to calm down my limb movements.

  • Troublemaker095


    I have anxiety as well and noticed that my RLS made it worse. My doc prescribed buproprion, which is an antidepressant/anxiety med that has been shown to decrease limb movement in people with RLS. I find that it really does work for me. Its not perfect and I am searching for more holistic methods as well, but I hope this helps you some. Sending positivity your way 💙

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