What medications have worked the best for OCD?


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)




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  • Butterfly


    SSRIs like Fluoxetine are helpful with OCD. It takes around a month until you feel improvement. In that month I took lorazepam to relieve the symptoms.

  • Perfectionist27


    Ive never really found anything that helped except good therapy or therapists that cared about it. Most of my antidepressants dont help much the only one that may have would have been Celexa i think.

  • moonkitty


    Fluvoxamine has changed my life. Anytime I've tried to taper off I realize how bad my OCD used to be and I cannot believe I used to live that way.

  • ticcer3000


    I am on Lexapro and wellbutrin. I know a lot of people take Prozac for ocd but for me it made me very dissociated, though this hasn't happened for anyone else I know

  • rebel87


    Personally, sense CBD is legal in my state, I use .2mg of tincture for my ocd. I'm normally pretty good on that. I tried Prozac and it made me worse. When I eat bad I get worse or during pms n monthly. But other then that fairly good on cbd

  • puarman


    A last ditch for helping me (after Luvox and Prozac and many other meds), was clomipramine. I was told it is an older medication but it used to be the gold standard of OCD and it really has helped.

  • clovers


    I'm on prozac (fluoxitine) and it's AMAZING, so it might be a good thing to try, just keep in mind that some people have severe side effects from Prozac

  • Betty27


    My psychiatrist wrote me a prescription for NAC. It’s a supplement that is most commonly used to treat OCD. I started on it a week ago after having reoccurring terrible intrusive thoughts. I feel like it’s helping me turn the corner!! Might be worth a shot. It can be found on Amazon as well. All the Best to you.

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