Posts on Alike for March 2024

  1. Dealing with Bad Days: Coping Strategies and Tips
  2. Struggling with ADHD Coping Mechanisms Without Medication
  3. Struggling with Fatigue and Mood Swings Post Stem Cell Transplant
  4. Struggling to Sleep Without Medication, Need Advice
  5. Genetic Testing for MM Inquiry
  6. Physical Differences Among Alters: Eyesight and Allergies
  7. Struggling with ADHD: Sleep, Memory, and Irritability
  8. Seeking Tips for Dealing with Vaginismus Pain
  9. Tips for Staying Organized with Medication and Treatments
  10. Tips for Staying Organized with Medication and Treatments
  11. Question about Light Sensitivity and Seizures: Seeking Advice
  12. Coping with Grief: Strategies and Support
  13. Dealing with Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Need Advice on Chemo Options
  14. Surviving Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: A Testimony of Hope
  15. Seeking Advice for Frequent Nausea and Hot Flashes
  16. Exploring Therapeutic Hobbies for Managing Your Condition
  17. Struggling with Anxiety While Waiting for Test Results
  18. Seeking ADHD Assessment: What to Expect?
  19. Understanding Anxiety Attacks: Tears and Overwhelm
  20. Seeking Clarity on Breast Cancer Diagnosis Stages
  21. Struggling with Lucid Dreams and Nightmares
  22. Question about dental health post-treatment complications
  23. Struggling with Anxiety Due to Uncontrolled Epilepsy Seizures
  24. Reflecting on My First Symptoms
  25. Understanding Anxiety Meltdowns and How to Cope
  26. Living with CLL at a Young Age: My Journey
  27. Struggling with Shortness of Breath Due to Anxiety
  28. Gabapentin for Anxiety: Does It Work?
  29. Seeking Advice: Foods for Anxiety and Depression Relief
  30. Preparing for Healthcare Team Meeting - Need Advice
  31. Exploring Special Diets: What You Need to Know
  32. Exploring Special Diets: What You Need to Know
  33. Struggling with Levothyroxine Dosage - Need Advice
  34. Reflecting on My First Symptoms
  35. Concerns about Dental Implants with High White Blood Count
  36. Coping with Social Anxiety: Tips and Strategies for Managing
  37. Seeking Advice on Stem Cell Transplant Recovery
  38. Struggling to Stay Awake While Driving, Need Advice
  39. Exploring Special Diets: What You Need to Know
  40. Long-awaited Rheumatology Appointment for EDS Diagnosis
  41. Must-Have Bag Items: What's in Your Bag?
  42. Struggling with Chronic Pain and Bras: Any Recommendations?
  43. Different Alters Reacting Differently to Substances - Possible?
  44. Struggling with Night Terrors and Lucid Dreams
  45. Concerns about Hereditary Risk of Multiple Myeloma
  46. Seeking Advice for Persistent Health Symptoms
  47. Understanding the Origins of POTS: A Question on its Onset
  48. Need advice on chemotherapy options - Rituximab, Bendamustine, Cytarabine
  49. Newly Diagnosed with IDC - Seeking Support and Strength
  50. Managing Fear of Relapse in Mental Health Recovery
  51. Struggling with Veganism and Prescribed Medication Dilemma
  52. Preventing Knee Hyperextension While Standing at Work
  53. Struggling with Memory Retention Due to Undiagnosed ADHD
  54. New Member Seeking Advice on Hydration for MM
  55. Seeking Advice on Medication Withdrawal through Microdosing
  56. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue: Any Tips for Feeling More Alive?
  57. Struggling with Fatigue Post-Chemo: Need Advice on Regaining Strength
  58. Managing Meltdowns: Self-Regulation Strategies
  59. Concerns about Visiting Family
  60. Reflecting on First Symptoms: Share Your Experience
  61. Exploring Holistic Therapies Alongside Medical Treatment
  62. Seeking Advice on Wellbutrin Experience and Effects
  63. Seeking Mental Health Resources Post Leukemia Treatment
  64. Exploring Wig Options After Chemotherapy
  65. Seeking Experiences with Amitriptyline for Migraines
  66. Is it safe to drink alcohol with POTS?
  67. Seeking Safe and Effective Exercise Tips
  68. Understanding CRAB: Medical Term Confusion
  69. Introduction and Update on CLL Treatment Journey
  70. Struggling with IBS flare-ups, need medication suggestions
  71. Managing Fear of Relapse During Illness: Tips Needed!
  72. Seeking Advice on Using Mobility Aids for Balance Issues
  73. Struggling to Disclose My DID to Loved Ones
  74. Impact of Abilify on Caffeine Intake
  75. Struggling to Maintain Medication Routine, Need Advice
  76. My Cancer Treatment Journey: From Diagnosis to Remission
  77. Seeking Advice: What Habits Helped You Achieve Long-Term Remission?
  78. Need Tips for Using a Wheelchair on Inclined Surfaces
  79. Struggling with School Stress: How to Cope?
  80. Seeking Advice on Sharing Diagnosis with Family
  81. Dealing with Unsolicited Chronic Illness Advice: A Guide
  82. Tips for Organizing Medication and Treatments Effectively
  83. Understanding Medical Symptoms: A Guide
  84. Seeking Advice for Nerve Pain Medication
  85. Concerns about Leukemia and Eye Symptoms
  86. Seeking Advice on Chiropractic Adjustments for Hypermobility
  87. Considering Genetic Testing for BRCA1/BRCA2 Mutations
  88. Seeking Advice on Lyrica for MS Pain Relief
  89. Navigating the Conversation: Sharing Your Diagnosis with Others
  90. Struggling with Loneliness and Motivation, Seeking Support
  91. Seeking Advice on Taste Changes During Breast Cancer Chemo
  92. Seeking Relief: What Activities Bring Comfort?
  93. Exploring the Impact of Social Anxiety on Daily Life
  94. Seeking Advice for Mastectomy and DIEP Flap Reconstruction
  95. Impact of Lifestyle Changes on Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
  96. Concerns about Cancer Recurrence After Treatment
  97. Managing Chronic Fatigue: Seeking Advice and Support
  98. Reflecting on My First Symptoms
  99. Tips for a Productive Morning Routine to Start Your Day Right
  100. Seeking Advice for Sister's CLL Diagnosis
  101. Struggling with Blood Tests: Any Alternatives?
  102. High Lymphocyte Count and Possible Mantle Cell Lymphoma Diagnosis