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I need some medication suggestions for IBS issues please Ive been really struggling with my constant flare ups im almost always nauseas, have no appetite, and super fatigued The only thing that has helped was cyproheptadine but its a short term one and stopped working well I really need some medication suggestions that have genuinely helped others with IBS to get an appetite, not be tired all the time from doing nothing, and to eliminate the severe nausea The 2 im thinking of trying so far are Companzine for nausea and then Bentyl which is an IBS medication (which i find odd as ive been told by multiple doctors there is no IBS specific medications)

    • jellycats


      i dont have ibs but i am on an ibs med, linzess. it helps alot with my chronic constipation! im not sure if thats helpful but i wish you luck on finding meds that help, it took me ages to find a good mix of meds to help my gi symptoms and im still not feeling perfect its just manageable now.

      • kxda


        @jellycats im not looking for a med to help with that specific symptom but thank you anyways!

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Some of the medications suggested by individuals with IBS include Paxil or an antispasmodic for pain and spasms, Protonix 40mg, Linzess 72mg daily, IBgard and enzymes during a flare-up, Advil for pain, Pepto for diarrhea, Senna leaf extract for constipation, and Dicyclomine (also known as Bentyl). For nausea, some have found relief with Zofran, though it can cause constipation. Others have suggested non-prescription remedies like ginger tea, l-glutamine powder, Culturelle daily probiotic, Metamucil pills, peppermint candies, warm sprite, ginger candy, and deglycyrrhizinated licorice. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new medication regimen.

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