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I keep feeling like I’m going to fall asleep during the day to the point I can’t handle it anymore. It’s especially bad when I’m in the car, I can hardly keep my eyes open. (I don’t like to drive for long distances because of this) It’s almost like I’m awake but my body isn’t. Sometimes mom eyes are closed and I feel asleep but I hear the things around me- so I’m still conscious? What is this (is it normal?) and should I see a doctor of some sort?

    • 55isMe


      I had this back when i had chronic fatigue. I even heard myself snore one time. My friend has narcolepsy and she would fall asleep so quickly thatbit was hard to tell. She did not hear us during that time.

    • libb3974


      I have the same issue, first don't drive. Secondly see your primary and discuss this, they might send you for testing or even give you meds to keep you awake. If you have any illness (I have pots) that can cause this exhaustion due to needing more energy to do a simple task. If you want advice to help keep you awake a bit, I would suggest if your able to maybe do yoga or go on a walk. When I am feeling like this, a bit of stretching or exercise helps me wake up for a few minutes.

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Based on the context provided, it seems like you might be experiencing symptoms similar to narcolepsy or sleep apnea. These conditions can cause excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden bouts of sleep. It is recommended to seek medical help for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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