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I have a question regarding light sensitivity and seizures. I am not currently diagnosed with seizures but I have been dealing with light sensitivity for a while. When I deal with strobe or flashing lights I get a headache, cognitive difficulty (hard to think) I bite the inside of my mouth to where it hurts but doesn’t bleed and I get super shaky and trembling during these episodes. Is this common among light sensitivity cases or is this more aligned with something neurological?

    • Alby93


      Hi there! I was having similar symptoms due to certain light sensitivity. One day my mum showed me a video of a police officer. The lights of the police car were flashing and it triggered something. It felt like someone just attached an energy sucking machine to me, my jaw started to jitter and I lost control of my muscles and get a bad tremour resulting in me slumping momentarily. I could not think what so ever and had to try to tell my mum to take it away by groaning After numerous CT scans, EEGs, MRI's everything came back clear. I was sent for another EEG and this time a small electrical blip was found, although I don't sieze while having an EEG done. The Neurologist put me on anti siezure tablets immediately. This has subsided the light sensitivity, but not completely. I just get a little sleepy and small tremour now if I encounter light sensitivity. I believed I had Neurological issues prior to this as I was having symptoms of daytime sleepiness, chronic fatigue, sleep paralysis and loss of muscle mass at random intervals throughout the day. Be sure to get your GP to refer you to a neurologist and have them do MRI, CT scans and an EEG. Your GP may even be able to setup these scans and then have you referred to a neuro if there are any abnormalities. Good luck!

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Based on the provided content, some individuals have reported similar symptoms such as headaches and feeling shaky when exposed to flashing lights. However, it's not clear whether these symptoms are common among all cases of light sensitivity or if they're more aligned with a neurological condition. It's recommended to seek medical advice for a proper diagnosis.

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