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My epilepsy used to be well controlled with meds but over the past 6 months I've had 12 seizures with a much less obvious warning aura. Now I'm scared to go out and feel very low. I've been told by my consultant that this can happen sometimes with epilepsy but I don't like not knowing the reason for it. I'm a doctor myself so always jump to the worst case scenario! Can anyone share some tips for managing this anxiety? I'm on meds and tried CBT but very hard to dismiss the worry of having another seizure!

    • Sweetiebelle


      I heard that certain dogs can be trained to predict seizures. Emotional support animals can be a soothing pressence as well. Maybe look into getting a service dog? (If you're able to care for a dog.)

    • ee54


      U don't need to worry its all bout not worrying I just count to ten when u think ur having another sezuire just put some music on or lie down and relax it's a release how to do it I think it's your brain telling u doing so much send me a direct messeage and I can help u abit more if u would Like

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Some people manage their anxiety about seizures by establishing rules that ensure daily safety, such as not driving if they haven't gotten quality sleep, showering when someone else is home, and not going anywhere alone if they forget to take their medication. Others find it helpful to be consistent with their meds, get enough sleep, and listen to their body. It's also recommended to discuss the anxiety specific to epilepsy with a neurologist.

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