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No matter how little or how much sleep we get we’re so exhausted regardless, this flare is particularly rough any tips for feeling even slightly more alive? - 🦇&🍓

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      Well … for me a combination has helped. Pacing of course, not over- or under -doing activity. Getting sunshine on my skin. Supplements I always take —. I always take magnesium before sleep. And then … EPA/DHA (Nordic naturals / proDHA Memory) to help w/brain fog. Glutathione. B vitamins. Methylcobalamin plus folate, anti-viral supplements, and more as my healthcare provider recommends. Supplements to support my adrenals. Clearing away any emotional stress as it arises or from the past. Making sure my gut is happy and healthy as we know a lot of immune system is in the gut.

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Some suggestions include taking 5,000mcg of vitamin b12, drinking lots of water, eating regularly, and getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Another suggestion is to take d-ribose for ATP energy production. Some people find it helpful to do one "big" task for the day, like running or jogging for about 30 minutes, which can give endorphins and make them feel better. Taking rest periods between each task can also help. During flare-ups, some people force themselves to exercise moderately, while others rest and ensure they eat and drink water every few hours. It's also recommended to let your doctor know how you're feeling as you could be deficient in certain vitamins like iron or vitamin D.

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