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how do you cope with social anxiety?

    • shifter


      To be honest, Im not sure. I kind of just take deep breaths and shut down my mind when I have to speak to a stranger (specifically for work). Then afterwards take a couple deep breaths again and tell myself the other person has already forgotten about our conversation, and so should I. When I go grocery shopping its alot worse. I panick/get sick being around so many people and have to take alooooooooot of deep breaths. I completely avoid looking at everyone but in order to feel better I make myself look around at everyone and realize they're all minding their own business and try to focus on the groceries and my own life, not theirs and their "thoughts" (we tend to make up so much of what strangers think of us when in reality their in their own heads about their own lives). I guess I "cope" with it by constantly reassuring myself that nobody is thinking anything about me because they have a life of their own and different things going on. When it comes to group conversations i am doomed. Thats when everyone notices I dont speak at all and im suddenly the weird one (some have said terrible things before and bullied me at different jobs, making horrible jokes about me being quiet). Ive had social anxiety since I was a child due to traumatic life experiences. It sucks but we gotta keep trying and make sure to love yourself no matter what cause I know it can mess with self esteem.

    • nsiberian


      Mostly w clanazapam.. but I kinda try to just make my own bubble and keep my space and just try to focus on what I need to do to leave, but I mostly just go to grocery store. It helps to be around ppl who are non judgemental and compassionate

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Some coping mechanisms for social anxiety include taking time away if needed, focusing on your breathing, using a fidget toy as a quick distraction, informing close friends about the condition and making a plan together for panic situations, talking to a trusted friend about it, drinking water, listening to sounds and making beats out of them to distract oneself, drawing during breaks, thinking about what one is doing after an event that is causing anxiety, and gradually increasing exposure to social situations over time.

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