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I have a habit of forgetting to take my medication, I will go a week taking it no problems but then suddenly go a week forgetting to take it. anyone got any advice to keep a routine for taking medication?

    • idk83


      I set an alarm everyday and it reminds me to take meds because I'm not sure who I am without my meds but everyone I know says I'm a completely different person when not on my meds. So they don't like that person so they also help remind me to take my pills. But the alarm when it goes off I immediately drop shit and take meds or I will forget them and it's not good from there plus I dont feel good mentally when im not on my meds. I feel like I want to die without meds meds help me see more clearly about my life and helps me maintain somewhat happiness. Your not alone my dude just set an alarm and when it goes off drop everything take meds and bam your done. Like clockwork although I still have issues taking my meds cause I've overdosed on meds to many times and it makes me nauseous every time I take them. But my problem to manage although I wish someone could tell me what to do to make taking meds better. Anyway. Have a good day or night or whatever time it is there.

    • VernalPools


      I only have morning medication and here's what I do: I leave my medication on my nightstand so I see it each time I wake up and I make it a habit to always take it with me when I leave my room for breakfast. That way if I accidently go to make breakfast without it, I'll always feel that something's missing. If I finish making breakfast before taking it, I'll place it between me and the bowl/plate so I don't forget. Basically, I kinda force myself to always be aware of it in some way so I don't forget.

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Some suggestions include using a pill organizer, setting alarms on your phone, or placing the medication in a visible place that you frequently visit. You could also try leaving your medication next to something you use daily, like your glasses or phone. Some people find it helpful to have someone else keep them accountable and remind them to take their medication. There are also apps available that can help remind you to take your medication.

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