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How do I tell my partner I'm starting to struggle with eating again? He knows I've struggled in the past. He has no way of knowing unless I tell him, so my mind keeps wanting to just hide it. I don't even know how to start the conversation. I've told him I've been depressed and that I'd like him to come over and talk later. Not sure what to say when he is over though. I don't really want him to help either though, I mostly just feel like, as my partner, he should know what I'm going through. But I feel bad because I know it will make him sad that I'm hurting like this.

    • cuddly_echidna


      Hi. It isn't easy to share with people when our ED is getting worse because then it's not our secret and we know that other people will want us to not do the ED behaviours when usually we want to continue in the behaviours. We're usually quite torn, partly wanting to continue in secret, partly desperate for help and care, but scared of it too. Did you manage to tell him and get some help?

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One suggestion is to have a one-on-one conversation with your partner and bring up the topic of mental health. You can express that you are not expecting him to solve your problems, but you feel it's important for him to know what you're going through. It might also be helpful to write down key points you want to discuss and rehearse how you want to talk about it. Being as open and honest as you can stand is helpful. Remember, you are struggling and need help, they love you they will want to help.

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