Posts on Alike for April 2024

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  19. Insights on Living with Cancer: A Personal Perspective
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  22. Seeking Advice on HRT for Trans Masculine Individual
  23. Starting Yoga Journey: Overcoming Fear of Being Unfit and Overweight
  24. Share Your Nightly Sleep Routine with Us!
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  26. Concerns about PCOS and Continuous Menstruation
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  31. Understanding Autistic Meltdowns vs Anxiety Attacks
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  36. Navigating Treatment Options for CLL
  37. Struggling with Social Anxiety and Depression: Seeking Medication Advice
  38. Seeking Advice on Hormonal Supplements and Medications
  39. Managing Symptoms Without Medication: Tips and Tricks
  40. Seeking Balance: Nurturing Self Amidst Family Duties
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  43. Need Help with Fidgeting at Work Seminar
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  46. New to the app, looking for PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression support
  47. Question about leukemia type
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  49. Struggling with Depression: Seeking Coping Strategies
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  52. Struggling with Anxiety: Seeking Ways to Feel Better
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  55. Checking In on Your Mental Health
  56. Seeking Advice on Coping Mechanisms
  57. Insights on Living with Cancer: A Personal Perspective
  58. Seeking Advice on Maxi-CHOP Regimen and Rituximab Maintenance
  59. Seeking Gastroparesis Travel Advice for International Trip
  60. Navigating Social Challenges with Illness: How Did You Cope?
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  63. Coping with Multiple Diagnoses: Seeking Advice
  64. Food Restrictions: What Can't You Eat?
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  66. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression - Seeking Tips
  67. Concerns about Hereditary Risk of Multiple Myeloma
  68. Struggling to Get Updates on PCOS Diagnosis, Need Advice
  69. Insights on Living with Cancer: A Personal Perspective
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  71. Exploring the Pros and Cons of CAR T-cell Therapy
  72. Confusion between c-PTSD Behaviors and Neurodivergent Conditions