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so my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma when she was 53. I'm getting close to that age myself and was wondering if there's any chance it could be hereditary. Do you know if it runs in families? And if it does, is there anything I can do to check if I'm at risk for it too?

    • TC54


      From what I have read it is generally not known what multiple myeloma is caused from, but that it is probably environmental. Even if it is and you do get it (doubtful in my opinion), just because your mother got it and had a rough time with it, doesn't mean you will. Medicine for multiple myeloma now is so much better now than 30 years ago, it isn't even comparable. I've had it for six years and have been in remission more than I've been in relapse. So if you get it you'll be fine, just get a doctor that specializes in MM. Right now I'm in remission and I play pickelball 3 times a week and walk the dog a mile every day. It's not MM that keeps me from doing anything, its my age . (I'm 69)

    • _skyline_


      Hey there! I'm sorry to hear about your mom's issue, and I totally understand how worried you must be. Just wanted to let you know that in case you're ever diagnosed with multiple myeloma, don't panic. There are some basic blood lab tests that can check for it pretty easily. Also, there's a precursor condition called MGUS that shows a few abnormal labs, but only 3% of people ever get multiple myeloma from it. If you have it, they'll just watch your labs every 6-12 months. The good news is that treatments are much better now than they were even 5 years ago. Stem cell transplants with your own cells can create remission in many with bone marrow cancer. And, it's very unlikely that multiple myeloma is hereditary. Stay safe out there!

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"Multiple Myeloma (MM) can run in families, suggesting there's some genetic component, but most cases are not hereditary. So even though having a family history of MM may increase the risk slightly, most cases are non-hereditary. If you have concerns about your mom's risk or family history, it is recommended to discuss them with your medical team, they will be able to provide personalized guidance."

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