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Depersonalization-derealization disorder refers to a recurrent feeling that the person is observing himself from the outside or that things around him are not real. Both sensations are also possible. Depersonalization-derealization is common in people who have had traumatic experiences. Other causes may include severe stress, depression, anxiety or using certain drugs. Depersonalization-derealization may disturb the person and interfere greatly in his relationships, work and other aspects of life.

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Signs & symptoms

Depersonalization symptoms include feeling like an outside observer of one’s feelings, thoughts and body. Also, other feelings may include as if one doesn’t control his own movement, speech and has a distorted sensation of their own body parts. Derealization symptoms include feeling of alienation from the surroundings- like one’s living in a movie or a dream, emotionally disconnected, distortion in the perception of time, distance and size of objects.


A mental health specialist generally makes the diagnosis based on the person's symptoms. Sometimes, further tests will include lab tests and physical examination to rule out other causes.


Depersonalization-derealization disorder is treated with psychotherapy. Some medications may help with specific symptoms, depression or anxiety.

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