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Is Alike free?
The Alike app is currently free.
What is Alike and what can I do with it?
Alike is a consumer social health space (app available for both Android and iOS) where clinical information is derived from your medical records. Users are verified by their provider but remain anonymous — allowing a safe environment with accurate and up-to-date data to increase knowledge and understanding of various conditions.We then match you with people like you from a clinical perspective, so people who are Alike can exchange ideas, empower one another or get emotional relief, and seek better care. It's a community of people like you that is far more rewarding, long-lasting and valuable, thanks to the power of crowdsourcing and big data, as well as the intimacy between people who are medically Alike. Unlike other platforms and one-size-fits-all medical solutions - We take a holistic approach and take into account all of your conditions, treatments, age, gender, and much more.
How is Alike-ness between me and my Alikes computed?
With the use of our propietary algorithms and machine learning capabilities we compute the similarities between every two medical profiles in our system - creating your Alike-ness Score™ - which enables us to make meaningful, life-changing connections between people who share the same medical journey.
Can I edit my personal health information?
You can always edit or remove your medical records, such as medications, conditions or procedure so it will be up-to-date, but, keep in mind that this will change how we define “people like you” for your profile. After you make these changes to your profile, you will most likely see different types of posts and match with different people.
How do I get access to my medical records using Alike?
Alike allows you to automatically create your health profile through a direct connection with your health provider. You will be asked to authenticate with your patient login information. Your device will use a secure token that will be used to receive your conditions, your regular medications, your procedures and your lab tests. Alike and your device do not store your patient login information. Every Alike user is verified by their healthcare provider, this way we can be sure you are a real person with real medical records. This allows us to create a safe and secure environment.
How do I post content on the Alike app? 
On the top of the home screen of the app, you will see both “Ask a medical question” and “Share a thought.” Click one of these categories, add topics to ensure your question is directed to the most relevant Alikers, and then type your question. To finish sharing your content, click post.
How does Alike’s social feed work?
Your feed is personalized. If someone like you posts on a subject that is relevant to your medical profile, you will see it. You can also see how clinically similar another person is by looking at the circle around their avatar. To create a post, just tap “Create Post.” You can ask questions about your conditions, medications, and more, comment on other people’s posts, or share advice or experiences about your health journey.
Can I hide a post from my feed?
You can hide any post if you don't want to see it anymore by tapping on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your comment or post and then selecting the hide option. Once hiding - You will never see this post in your feed again or get notified about it.
What is the difference between “Ask a medical question” and “Share a thought”? 
Content on the Alike app is broken into two categories: “Ask a medical question” and “Share a thought.” Asking a medical question directs you to the medical answers you need from the most accurate people who can help. Sharing a thought allows you to share your story, feelings, or receive supportive feedback. Before posting content, think about which of these categories applies better to your post.
Can I delete my posts or comments?
You can delete your content by tapping on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your comment or post and then selecting the delete option.
How does Alike protect my personal and health information?
Your privacy is a top concern for us and we make sure that all your information and interactions are anonymized and secure 🛡️. Alike is HIPAA compliant. Alike is committed not to sell your personal information to anyone and grants you the right to have your personal data deleted at any time.
What type of information does Alike collect?
Alike collects your clinical and patient reported data in a completely de-identified manner so that it cannot be tied back to you in any way shape or form.
What does de-identification mean?
De-identification means that any signifier of you vanishes from our system. It’s like you never existed in our files. All personal identifiers are removed from your files. Once a you connect your medical records, all PII are eliminated. Your email will be hashed and will be used in order for you to login when needed. Hashing algorithms are designed as one-way functions, meaning they cannot be reverted. Alike does not recognize you or have a profile of you, and as such no one could ever recognize you.
Who can see my profile?
Your Alikes can see your profile based on your nickname in a completely anonymized, de-identified manner.
What if my phone's lost or stolen?
In the unfortunate case that your phone is lost or stolen, no one will have access to your medical records as the app is secure. The app requires biometric lock or a passcode in the settings, the app will automatically lock after 10 minutes of inactivity. Please visit your settings now to add this extra security.In order to use the app on your new device just re-download the app and log in using your email address.
How will my data be used?
Alike use the wisdom of the crowd to help each and every one of us. At first your data will be anonymized and then collectively with data from millions of others will be used in order to generate personalized healthcare insights. All medical data is anonymized and no personal information is used on the platform.

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