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better health.

Meet your Alikes and discover treatments you may be missing from those who are medically close to you. 
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We seek to inspire you to ask the right questions, to dispel uncertainties, and to become your own health advocate. Gain the power and knowledge you’ve been missing to better manage your conditions.

Compare your way to
better health.

No two people are the same - but many are Alike. Our proprietary algorithm computes the similarities between every two individuals in our system - creating your Alikeness™ score - which enables us to make meaningful, life-changing connections between people who share the same medical journey.

Compare conditions, medications, procedures & more. Discover how your treatment stacks up to millions of others like you.

Gain a healthy

View your health record like never before.

Trying to understand your conditions and medical status through the web is often overwhelming, leading to a lack of confidence at best, and dangerous misinformation at worst.

Our health experts and physicians have built a system that takes your complex medical data and translates it into a clear, easy-digestible picture.

Share earned
experiences & wisdom.

Become an integral part of your care team - ask the right questions, engage with patients who are on the same journey, and help others.

Alike creates a new world of active engagement in your health care.  Capture insights, get smarter about what you may be missing, share what you’ve learned with others.  With your Alikes you are not alone in whatever today and tomorrow bring.

The untapped power of
your health records.

Alike's technology turns your medical profile into powerful insights

Mobile version of the chart. Chart explaining how Alike turns medical records into powerful insights. First a cohort of data is made. Afterward an Alike SimScore is generated based on similarity to other users. Finally through advanced AI everything is put together to turn into better healthcare.

Patient similarities is at the core of healthcare transformation. By using cluster analysis to discover groups of highly similar patients, we are able to improve care for individuals based on a number of conditions and characteristics, rather than generalized treatments based on single conditions.

Our mission is to make personalized digital health accessible to each and every one of us.

If there’s nothing to identify,
there’s nothing to protect.

At Alike we took privacy to the extreme. No Personal Identified Information (PII) is kept on the system at all. It’s called
“De-identification,” and it means that any signifier of you instantly vanishes from our system. It’s like you never existed in our files.

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Three simple steps.

Number 1

Build your
medical profile.

Connect to your healthcare provider at a tap of a button, or enter it manually. We then use your clinical data to generate your Alikeness Score™ and match you with precision, enabling you to make meaningful connections with people who share the same medical journey.

Number 2

Get matched.

With access to the medical care your Alikes are getting, you can ask your doctor smarter questions and make better-informed decisions along your health journey.

Number 3

Engage with
your Alikes.

Ask questions, get support, and share experiences with people who are connected by the same medical profile.

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What is Alike and what can I do with it?

Alike is a consumer social health space (app available for both Android and iOS) where clinical information is derived from your medical records. Users are verified by their provider but remain anonymous — allowing a safe environment with accurate and up-to-date data to increase knowledge and understanding of various conditions.

We then match you with people like you from a clinical perspective, so people who are Alike can exchange ideas, empower one another or get emotional relief, and seek better care. It's a community of people like you that is far more rewarding, long-lasting and valuable, thanks to the power of crowdsourcing and big data, as well as the intimacy between people who are medically Alike. Unlike other platforms and one-size-fits-all medical solutions - We take a holistic approach and take into account all of your conditions, treatments, age, gender, and much more.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is the username and password for your healthcare providers. Then download the Alike app from the App store and follow the easy to follow instructions in the app and start comparing your way to better health.

How does Alike get access to my medical records?

Alike allows you to automatically create your health profile through a direct connection with your health provider. You will be asked to authenticate with your patient login information. Your device will use a secure token that will be used to receive your conditions, your regular medications, your procedures and your lab tests. Alike and your device do not store your patient login information. Every Alike user is verified by their healthcare provider, this way we can be sure you are a real person with real medical records. This allows us to create a safe and secure environment.

What happens after I connect my medical provider?

We will populate your profile at Alike with the information received from your provider about your conditions, medications, procedures and lab tests and we will match you with a group of people who are clinically similar to you.

How much does it cost?

The Alike app is currently free. In the future we may expand our offering to you with additional services and products for an added fee.

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Nobel prize worthy

This is brilliant and while currently small it’s rad to be a part of its early days. In a covid world creating this space for the chronically ill should receive the Nobel peace prize and more than an app review. Go join and help build the community necessary to fully benefit from this brilliant design. This Covid long hauler thanks the developers for making me see the helpers in the most unexpected place- the App Store.


Absolutely Amazing

I recently developed a particular type of cyst that nobody I know has ever heard of before, and I was just feeling lost about what to do. Then I saw the ad for this app. Absolutely amazing, what a wonderful way to help people with certain conditions connect with one another!

Crystaline Icee


developers, this app is such a great idea - I love being able to connect with people with similar conditions as me and maintain confidentiality and anonymity as well. There are so many features that are great, from having an optional lock screen, to being able to connect to a provider, get tips for managing your condition, connect with a community of similar people. to me, it’s unique and i don’t know many platforms like this. the ux/ui is really nice too and it’s very aesthetically pleasing to look at.


I love it

You are able to talk and connect to people who are going through similar things that you’re going through and it helps you realize that you’re not alone in your struggles!


Find people who are
experiencing a similar
medical reality

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