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Dehydration refers to shortage of water in your body. It's caused by not drinking enough fluid or by losing more fluid than you take in, whether through sweat, tears, diarrhea, urine, or vomiting. Dehydration is best treated by drinking enough water.

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Symptoms of dehydration include: headache, confusion. dizziness, dry mouth, dark-colored urine, fast heartbeat, and constipation.


Dehydration can be self diagnosed by merely feel thirsty. In addition, laboratory tests that can diagnose dehydration include: low concentration of urine sodium, elevated creatinine or blood urea nitrogen.


Dehydration is best treated by merely drinking water. Sometimes the body is also low in electrolytes, especially sodium, and the treatment should be consuming water with salts. You may see the symptoms improve in a short period of time.

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