Hi there! I'm a 20 y/o with EDS who has barely been able to run, fast-walk, or jump since I was around age 12.

I initially was told I had shin splints but it didn't seem like an accurate diagnosis. I experience shooting pain from my ankle up, sometimes reaching my knee, on both legs when doing any medium- or high-impact activities and the pain is typically only on the front of the lower leg, the shin, hence the shin splints diagnosis.

Almost a decade later the pain has not improved, I have just tried to avoid as many high impact activities as possible. This has led to significant weight gain as I have gotten increasingly overwhelmed trying to find any easily accessible, low-impact exercises.

I'm just curious if anyone else with EDS has experienced something similar and, if so, if anything as helped such as equipment, exercises, etc.? I have tried compression socks and ankle braces but they only make me very slightly more functional.

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  • InconclusiveResults


    Wow, this sounds exactly like me! πŸ˜…πŸ’ž I'm 33 now, but I have always had a similar pain that everyone shrugged off as "shin splints." I roller skated and biked for a long time, and swimming was always great, but I'm in the same boat where I avoid movement due to the pain. 😬 So, this is gonna sound kind of wild, but my favorite exercise these days is hula hooping! It's actually pretty fantastic cardio and is low-no impact if you just stand in place. I'm also trying to get into pilates, but I've definitely gotta be aware of my body's boundaries and skip out on certain things (I also have really bad SI joint pain when I lay on my back in certain positions). Compression socks/braces also help me, but only slightly, like you mentioned.

    • Amadeus17


      it's so great to hear that someone else experiences this too! Wow, I wouldn't have thought of hula hooping! I used to love that when I was younger, I might give that a try!

      • InconclusiveResults


        Yes, it's super fun! You gotta buy an adult-sized hula hoop for waist hooping but there's a lot you can do just twirling a kid's size hoop around! Google Deanne Love on YouTube, she has lots of hula hooping videos and tutorials! πŸ’ž

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