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Any recommendations for someone with cat allergies? I take allergy medication everyday, and I double my dose on days I'm off of work and around my cats all day. I wake up with crusted shut eyes every morning. Several times a day, I have to use a warm compress on my eyes to clean away the gunk and a cold compress to reduce irritation. Lately, that hasn't been helping.

    • Ceig


      I have been fighting this for two years. They tested me for an allergic reaction to my cat. Found out I was not allergic to cats but was allergic to dogs. Now after two years of struggling they prescribed me a Steroid eye drop. I have a lot of inflammation in my stomach ulcerated, colitis, diverticulitis, and IBS and it is now affecting my eyes. They looked like they were going to start bleeding at any moment plus the goup you wake up to. I now have a portable humidifier that I run at night because I have developed dry eye. The eye drop I got was a prescription for Alrex drops. I’ve started to take them on Wednesday and today is Sunday and I see a huge difference. They are trying to get me on another medication. That is also steroid, but does not affect any other part of your body except your eyes.

    • eepycat


      I don't know what kind of medication you take but I'm allergic to my cat too and I used to take double cetirizine which didn't do much but I recently tried fexofenadine which seems to work a bit better for me

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Some recommendations for managing cat allergies include using air purifiers, allergen spray for the air, frequent vacuuming, and wiping cats' coats to reduce allergens. Additionally, washing your hands after petting the cats and avoiding touching your nose and eyes can help minimize symptoms.

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