Hey y’all so I recently joined this app because I was recently diagnosed with GAD and BP 2. No one really understands what it’s like living with both of these chronic disorders, so I’ve been struggling on my own. My bf tries to help as much as I can (bless his heart), but sometimes, I feel like such a complete failure and burden to him. My mood shifts, recently, have been so bad. Idk if it’s rapid cycling but I have been getting easily triggered, unable to sleep, agitated, and just full of rage. It’s like I’m just filled with so much anger and built up energy, I can’t contain it. I’m currently on Depakote and Prozac, but I can’t increase the dosage because it triggers not-so-healthy thoughts. It’s been so hard, and a lot to deal with on top of school, family conflicts, etc.

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  • Dead


    Hi! I also struggle with BP 2. I find that working out really gets my aggression and energy out. I started kickboxing specifically for that, I get out all my aggression and I feel relaxed afterward. I recommend you try some kind of physical workout like that.

  • aries02


    Hey! i also struggle with both of these, and anger can be a symptom of both! So when you’re stressed it can get even worse. The suggestion about working out is great! I’d also suggest seeing a talk therapist in addition to your psych if you can

    • infern0


      I have a therapist already ❤️ we have been working through some tough things so I think the conversations have been a trigger lately as well. Idk if that makes sense

      • aries02


        yeah that makes a lot of sense!! it’s so frustrating to only get a limited amount of time w a therapist because a lot of times you’ll end up having to leave after getting into some heavy things without much resolution

  • Edelucia


    Hey! I’m having the same issues with the same diagnoses. Been experiencing a lot of irritability, anger, and a lot of emotional lability. All of those issues seem to be made worse for me with SSRIs and some SNRIs so I’m thinking of making a med change. Meditating helps on occasion with the anger, spending time outside, light exercise, making sure you’re eating well. I also like to make time as often as possible to do something relaxing like building lego

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