Started getting “headaches” last year. Lasted for about 3-4 weeks with 10/10 pain. Only located at the back of my head. EEG, MRI, CT all negative. Steroids didn’t help. Ibuprofen at max dose helped for the day. No light/sound sensitivity.
Came back this year, about same time of year, 6 shots of lidocaine in neck and head, which helped for 8 hours. Given steroids again, no help. Smoked marijuana after the 5th day of pain, woke up with no pain and hasn’t come back.
Anyone have anything similar with an actual diagnosis? Or know anything I can look into?


Chronic Headache

Chronic Generalized pain


Generalized pain

Chronic Backache

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  • Sphinx


    Hey! I’ve had sort of the same headaches

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