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Pain is a general term that refers to the uncomfortable sensation that stems from activation of the nervous system. Pain could be described in many different ways- dull, sharp, stabbing, throbbing, pinching, stinging, burning, or sore. It could come and go, become worse or better, or be consistent. It could be chronic or sudden, it could come and go in the same time of year or due to the same trigger. Generalized pain may be felt in the whole body, such as the feeling when someone catches the flu. Pain is greatly subjective, and people have different levels of pain tolerance.

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Pain is diagnosed upon findings from medical history and physical examination.Further evaluation may include imaging tests, nerve function tests, urine tests,blood tests and more.


Treatment of pain depends on what is causing it. Chronic pain is more difficult to treat than acute pain. Pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drude, opioids, antidepressants or anti epileptic drugs, are medications that are used to treat pain. Other treatment may include physical and occupational therapy.

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