I take prescription pain medication twice a day, and try to be as gentle on my body as I can, but my wrists, back, and ankles hurt so bad at all points that I could cry. My doctor thought it was lupus or rheumatoid, but the test came back negative. What can I possibly do to stop the pain, even for a little while? I am just so exhausted.

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Are you hyper-mobile? Is it possible they are moving out of place? Try wearing compression sleeves or braces for them to stabilise them to see if it helps at all. CBD lotion and foam rollers can be helpful too! I hope you get relief soon ❤️

  • Matilda


    All my tests say I have nothing as for blood tests. I ended up doing a gallium scan and that is how we found my seronegative rheumatoid arthritis

  • Ellen


    Have you tried going to therapeutic massage or maybe accupunture? Maybe a physical treatment will ease the pain a little. I used to do Tui na which is a type of massage from Chinese medicine. It helped me but I just couldn't find the time to stick to it.

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