I don't know where to turn to. every joint, muscle fiber, basically cell of my body feels like it's been ripped to pieces. I have a migraine, my arthritic knee,well one of them, is just destroyed, the cane doesn't even help anymore, my lower back is screaming, I think I'm having a chronic migraine, lupus ELS flare,and fibromyalgia flare. I hurt so bad I can't relax. My rheumatologist and hepatologist are thinking about putting me on Imuran because it will help the lupus and the possible autoimmune hepatitis. But I need another hepatic liver panel on August 7th first. Without steroids or Imuran. I just want to be numb. instead I'm crying and lost. Any help would be appreciated, I've had a 12 day migraine of varying degrees. today makes day 13. I'm so defeated.

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  • Yuukiyun


    I'm so sorry, I don't know how to help 🥺 what usually helps my migraines is my glasses, have you had your eyes checked recently?

  • MushroomFern


    Management is really all you can do without a doctor's help. Extremely hot baths with Epsom salt, BC powder's, earplugs, sunglasses, antiinflammatories, peppermint, joint braces, and lots of rest tends to help me deal with it a little better.

  • yomie88


    I'm so sorry 😞 this sounds horrible, I sleep with a heating pad everyday, my husband found me one that is weighted and it has a timer, they sell big ones, sometimes I have 2 one for my back and one for my legs or wrists. Epsom salt baths do not help me at all, only for a few minutes maybe. I take Tylenol every day, and I get headaches as well, but they're usually gone after I drink some water with a pinch of baking soda and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to help hydrate me. Also what helps me is cbd ointments for pain. I wish you well and I hope all of this pain goes away🙏

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