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okay this might be a little bit of a rant but here goes I don't know what to do I am just at my wits end, I wake up everyday in pain, everyone always tries to tell me that moving around and being active will help but it doesn't. it makes it 1000× worse. About two years ago my rheumatologist told me I had rheumatoid arthritis but then my insurance lapsed after we had been trying different meds and trying to find something that worked. I had to stop seeing him well fast forward to January of this year I finally get in to see a new rheumatologist and he tells me that I don't have RA and its been my fibro all along but he's going to keep running tests because he thinks there's still something we're missing but I still have yet to get into a second appointment because their office isn't cooperating with my pcp office or vice versa or that's what their telling me. And during all of this I need to be able to get back to work but im currently in so much pain that I can't and I can't get on disability because they don't know what it is and even if I was able to push through the pain I would automatically lose my medicaid and I wouldn't be able to find out what's going on our continue taking my medicine or have the procedures I need for my other problems. and I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to know what's wrong with me, I need to know. but the doctors aren't any help at all

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      God I know that exactly feeling. I wish I could figure out a solution myself, besides just keep trying. If the doctor isn't helping, don't stay with them. I know I've had to change psychiatrists so many times over the years. And I've grown to be really wary and untrusting of a lot of doctors since I've had so many bad experiences with them. They constantly ignore my symptoms because I have a history of anxiety, they never believe anything I say. And guess what? Yeah I was right and fibromyalgia was it the whole time. Medical malpractice is like the 2nd leading cause of death, we have every right to question them and their decisions. You know your body better than the doctor sometimes. Trust your instincts. Doctors can be wrong. As for pain, I also %100 feel that same thing. Most times it's so hard to go to sleep because I can't get comfortable. I have to have muscle relaxers to sleep. It definitely made a big difference but the pain is still noticeable during the day. I can't even sit and watch TV, or be on my computer too long. The only thing I've found that worked was some organic supplement tablet thing I found online. It really dissolves the pain almost entirely. But the downside is that sometimes it doesn't work if you ate recently or you didn't dissolve it under your tongue correctly. I'm also trying acupuncture but I'm not sure how it will go. My rheumatologist has recommended trigger point injections. But honestly if everything fails, I think I'm turning to CBD. I've heard good stuff from it especially for people with long-term pain. It's better than constantly downing painkillers, which can mess up your body in the long run. The main thing is don't give up. You WILL figure things out. It might take some time, but it will happen. You deserve to be as pain free as anyone else. Do whatever you feel is necessary to help you reach your goal. People will always give stupid advice. It's easier to just ignore them than trying to explain things. Trust me I've tried lol

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