what do i do if i keep de realizing while in the car? im scared i’m going to crash because i’m out of it. nothing bad has happened yet but is there anyway to prevent this from happening while i’m driving?


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  • _GingerJuice_


    Focus on everything around you like, name five things you see, touch 4 things (like even just buttons in the car), think about 3 thinks you eat, 2 things you hear and one thing you smell

  • Healthymidwife


    The same thing happens to me and it sucks which is why I don’t drive. My husband started a silly game to call out how many cars I see that I’ve own before and it honestly helps so much because I/my mind KNOW for a fact I’ve owned XYZ before or when we pass by certain restaurants we bring up our memories with that place.

  • Zurripop


    This is also why I don’t drive at all. I practiced with riding my bike so that it’s easy to pullover and walk if need be. You could get something to squeeze with your hand to help bring you back, but that could also be unsafe.

  • t0b1_45


    I know it is hard to fight to be focused, but that’s all i can suggest. Fight hard to be present

  • karakat


    With my latest episode I had to stop driving because my confusion and panic about dissociation/derealization was so severe I couldn't trust myself to get behind the wheel. Keep in mind, this episode so far has been about a week of just non-stop DP/DR madness without any snap back to "reality" for me. There's no shame in taking a break from driving for a bit if things get worse, better to be safe than sorry.

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