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Sensory Processing Disorder, formerly known as sensory integration dysfunction, is a condition characterized by difficulty to receive and respond to information captured by the senses, it could affect one sense or more. Common sounds may be painful, a light touch may be disturbing and they may experience difficulties in common actions. The disorder is usually identified in childhood, but may also affect adults. It is more common in other developmental disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include over or under responsiveness to senses such as hearing, touch, or taste, such as clothes feeling itchy, light seems bright, sounds seem too loud, soft touch seems hard, food textures make them gag, have poor balance and more.


The disorder is not currently recognized as a distinct medical diagnosis.


Treatment may include occupational therapy, and sensory integration- fun activities that can help the child learn how to respond appropriately to stimuli.

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